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What’s better than having an online presence? Having one that’s undeniably market-changing.

At EDGE, we take on the role of your dedicated PPC marketing agency in Melbourne, bringing revenue-shifting Google Ads services to your offering. Gain more conversions and leads than ever before through a digital marketing solution that drives instant impact, garnering more attention than you ever dreamt possible.

Results-driven Google Ad management that actually delivers

It’s time to stop wasting hard-earned dollars on Google AdWords campaigns that don’t return the results you need to truly make an impact. Get cosy on the top of the world on this search engine giant , sparking action from your biggest target audiences.

Our Google Ads agency helps you achieve real ROI by delivering measurable performance from day one. Enjoy end-to-end, transparent account management and optimisation techniques that shift the game for your business, all the while dominating your visibility online. Experience what it means to power up your operations with digital marketing solutions that don’t drain your budget, but rather return it tenfold. 

There's a reason our Google Ads campaigns are game-changing

Working under a pay-per-click model Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) works by displaying an advert for your business when users search specific keywords. Whether your in-house marketing team or chosen Google Ads management company takes care of this for you, their responsibility is to pinpoint the most beneficial, influential phrases to use in these campaigns.

Set a bid that suits your budget and then enjoy sticking to it, with zero risk of over-spending on lack-lustre results. Watch as your website gains more clicks and your sales team are kept busy with an influx of leads. Google Ads gives you an instant way to land more business, complete with budget flexibility across this part of your digital marketing strategy. 

Before we work together we:

Why you need to invest in Google Ads management

Choosing this channel over alternatives – like SEO Melbourne– means you’re able to gain instant wins for your brand when they matter most. When you’re running a specific promotion or event, this is crucial, giving you the leg up to get much-needed visibility. 

In addition to generating traffic and boosting conversion rates, Google AdWords provides a platform that’s backed by full access to analytics tools – such as keyword insights and competitor analysis. Use the most useful data to align your strategy with user behaviour, driving ROI-focused results consistently. 

Most of all, when you’re struggling to overtake competitors in the online space, especially when you’re a smaller player, Google AdWords gives you the ability to guarantee top-of-page visibility on this search engine giant. That’s big news when you’re really trying to get ahead of the game. The result? More conversions, more leads and an increase in long-term, loyal customers. 

To help you along your path, we offer a variety of packages designed specifically around different budgets, objectives and goals. Whether you want to drive targeted traffic towards a landing page or increase conversions across multiple channels, we provide expert advice and solutions to ensure maximum return on investment.

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Let's chat about our Google Ads offering in Melbourne

We understand how important it is to get things right the first time around. At all times, we work hard to ensure we understand every client we work with, inside and out. Your success depends on our ability to grasp what makes your business tick, so we always set our campaigns up with this level of detail.

With years of experience under our belts in running successful PPC accounts across multiple industries, we have developed strong relationships with clients from all niches. Think you’ll give us a run for our money? We hope so – we like a challenge. 

With a proven track record of success, we aim to exceed expectations by providing high-quality workmanship and outstanding customer support at all times. 

Here's how you'll get more business from Melbourne users

Just like our solutions for Google Shopping campaigns, our specialists in Melbourne use their years of experience to increase your quality score and impact on Google AdWords. Using the most data-driven techniques to create winning campaigns, we’ll power up your offering with results-based PPC solutions that drive click after click. 

Target your biggest prospects on the web using expert keyword research and optimisation tactics that pack a punch. When they’re ready to invest in products or services just like yours, you can be sure they’ll land on your virtual doorstep. 

Picture this: Life on the top of Google

The best part about Google AdWords is that it lets you control how much spend you put into it and enables you to still rank at the top of the first page of search results regardless. 

Identify your biggest target audiences right at the moment they’re bound to take action, driving them through to your page for the final conversion point. Land those hot leads that you’ve been waiting for and create long-term loyalty that keeps new customers coming back for more. 

Let us get to work to action guru-level keyword research and competitor analyses; we’ll pinpoint what phrases your brand should target through this strategic service, and then go all out to get those positions. Once the traction starts to come in, we’ll monitor and optimise your campaign accordingly to bring you less cost-per-click and more click-throughs.

Now wouldn’t that be nice?

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We're a Certified Google Ads Partner

With over 30 years of experience in Digital Marketing, we've got everything covered. No, seriously.Watch as our team of experts from all walks of life grow your small business into a powerhouse for leads. As a Certified Google Ads Partner, we're equipped with exclusive insights right from the frontline, including training and research that keeps us on top of the game.If you're stressing about employing a PPC agency in Melbourne, the worry stops here - we know our stuff and we'd love to show it all to you.

A little bit about us.

Our digital marketing agency works with businesses that are ready to get more leads and have the capacity for consistent growth. We know what it’s like to run a business and take our client’s decision to partner with us very seriously.As one of the top SEO agencies, we get excited about getting your business traction. We’ve helped thousands of clients grow their bottom line – we’ve been doing it since 2002 (remember the days before Google?). Our business has survived the test of time. Where many other marketing agencies come and go, we’ve been here from the very beginning of digital. This allows us to work with much greater insight than the new digital marketing businesses that have hit the scene.We’re not a team of millennials tinkering on Snapchat or Tumblr. We only use the best techniques to get you results that create a real impact.

Speak to a Google Ads expert for your free quote

While we know we’re gurus at PPC and Google Display Ads, we’re also pretty great at other digital marketing solutions like SEO, social media marketing, content marketing and more. If you’re looking for a multi-channel, holistic approach to your online presence, it all starts here with Edge.

Frequently asked questions

Advertising via search engines such as Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and Bing Ads allows you to reach users online using a pay-per-click service. Target them as they search specific phrases to solve and answer their queries by displaying an advert at the top of the results pages. Be the light a the end of the tunnel for their most burning questions, paving the path to long-term customer loyalty. 

The way this platform works is simple. You create sponsored Google Ads based on influential keywords, and backed by compelling copy. Then, whenever someone searches for something relevant to your products or services, your landing page appears above the organic listings when they type into the search bar.

For example, imagine someone types in “SEO Melbourne services”  and we pop up at the top of these results pages. We paid to be there if you see the ‘Ad’ label next to our copy. Below us, our competitors are likely to be doing the same thing – if they’re doing things right.

Your business can do this too, overtaking your competition and enjoying first place on Google. 

At EDGE, we work hard to lower your cost per conversion and maximise your ROI. Because we know what it takes to run a killer Google Ads campaign, we eliminate wastage and target only the most influential audiences for your niche.  

Because we bring value above and beyond traditional methods of digital marketing, we combine cutting-edge technology with strategic thinking, ensuring clients receive maximum exposure and visibility at all times.

Most of all, we believe that no two organisations are the same; therefore, we tailor every PPC campaign to suit the individual needs of those we work with – no cookie-cutter strategies. 

You can bet your bottom dollar they are. Every day thousands of companies around the world choose to advertise through Google Ads. Whether they’re paying a PPC agency to do it for them, or waving their DIY wand, your competition could be leagues ahead of you already.

No matter where they are in their journey on this platform, it’s important that you invest in Google Ads before it’s too late. Getting ahead of the game is more important than ever, especially when your competition has beaten you to it. 

See for yourself why we’re the Google Ads agency Melbourne businesses turn to for revenue-smashing results. Our team has years of experience working within the industry and understands all aspects of paid media – from keyword research and strategy, right through to execution.

We’ll show you how to maximise your Google Ads budget whilst still getting great results. From creating custom landing pages to crafting conversion-driven copy, we provide a complete package of solutions designed to grow your audience and increase your revenue.

At the end of the day, all of our PPC experts take pride in our ability to educate our clients, giving them the tools necessary to make informed decisions regarding their online presence. Better yet, we do all of this through transparent communication that sets us apart from the rest.

There is no hard and fast figure for how much Google Ads costs in Australia. Ultimately, the price depends on several factors, including the number of campaigns running, size of each budgets time period, keyword cost-per-click and more.

Additionally, some industries are naturally more competitive than others, making it more expensive to run campaigns. However, the benefit of investing in PPC solutions like this is that its relatively cost-effective across the board, making it more affordable than longer-term alternatives, like SEO. 

By choosing to hire an agency to run your paid ads, you’re also able to sit back and relax while the hard work is taken care of. Managing Google Ads – or any kind of PPC campaign – is no easy feat; it takes lots of optimisation and constant monitoring to ensure your strategy delivers ROI. Leave your campaign in the wrong hands and you could end up with wasted dollars, time and energy.

Both of these platforms allow advertisers to create ads that appear on search engine result pages. They differ significantly, however, when it comes to targeting options. For example, while both platforms let you select keywords related to your product/service, only Google allows you to filter based on location, language, device type, gender, age group and even browser used. 

Which browser you choose to target is entirely up to you and your target demographic’s behaviour. When you consult with our professionals, we will provide recommendations on which to lean towards, if not both.

While they may seem similar at first glance, they actually serve different purposes for marketers. In fact, most people have heard of Facebook Ads but few know anything about Google Ads. As far as functionality goes, Google Ads offers many advanced targeting features compared to FB – including bid modifiers, custom audiences, conversion tracking and retargeting.

On top of that,  Google Ads places your ads on search results, rather than natively in feeds, like Facebook does. Both have different objectives, so it’s important to speak to an expert agency to understand which is more suitable for your brand and budget. 

It all depends on how frequently you’re updating your content, optimising new landing pages and setting up new goals. Most experts agree that once per week is sufficient unless you’re planning on making major changes to your site. Even though it might sound like a lot of work, having regular updates helps keep your audience engaged and makes sure you stay ahead of competitors.

However, it’s integral that you never leave your campaign to grow stale. Results are only gained when you consistently put in the hard work to ensure it remains competitive and relevant. When you hire a Google Ads agency like EDGE, we keep all of these aspects in check. 

No matter your target, all PPC campaigns can glean instant results. However, to really get the most bang for your buck, you require as much data as you can around your campaign’s performance. To gain these insights, it usually takes around six months. Once you have this performance history in hand, future results are much quicker to collect.

You can set up your account easily, and there’s zero technical knowledge needed to get started. A majority of the hard work comes in your targeting options and keyword research.

If you’d like to set up your Google Ads account, you can do so by heading to the official site and signing up using your professional email. There’s also the option of creating an Express Account, but this solution limits your access to a number of ad configuration features. The option you need is based on how specific you need your campaign to be, and your level of experience. 

As we said previously, both have their pros, cons and differences. 

From all the fiddling we have done and case studies that have been conducted online, Bing Ads is known to produce results that are naturally lower in CPC and CPAs. If affordability is a key point for you, this is something to consider.

However, every industry attracts its own CPA and CPC differences, so it’s important to understand what you need to expect for your sector and targeting details. When you speak to our specialists, we will be able to provide this information to you, giving you everything you need to know about dominating this PPC solution.

When you choose to control your PPC in-house, it often seems the most affordable option. The problem is, the salary alone is enough to weigh you down when you need to think about your budget.

Hiring a marketing agency to do it for you means that you can save on these overheads and invest this money into your bid budget instead. Considering a full-time employee also means having to pay super, benefits, sick leave and annual leave, there’s a lot of expenses to be had in keeping your PPC in house. 

Choosing Edge means you’ll also receive tailored solutions that are focused and based on your budget. No matter what industry you’re from, we’ll always assess your niche, needs and objectives to give you the most competitive quote possible on a PPC package. No cookie-cutter approach, no hidden fees.