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Millions of dollars invested.

Tens of millions in profits achieved.

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Our Google Ads campaigns provide short term results for long term profits.

Our Google Ads campaigns continue to produce some of the most profitable marketing returns our clients have ever achieved.

We use a combination of our collective expertise to write highly engaging and profitable ad copy and use our Artificial Intelligence tools to give us insights far more powerful than the human brain can calculate. Better never stops!

Target Customers in ‘Hunt Mode’.

Google Ads is the FASTEST Way to Attract More Leads. However it can be very challenging to make it profitable due to how highly competitive this space is becoming. The reason why the Google Ads space has become more competitive is due to how lucrative this strategy can be when it’s done right.

Immediate Results - In Days, Not Months

100% Targeted - No Budget Waste

Quality Leads - Ready to Buy Now

Better Sales - Better Profits

Trusted Partner - True Peace of Mind

A Google Partner Leading the Industry Since 2002

Speak with our Results Team
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What We Do.

Our Success is Measured by Results.

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We halved their advertising budget


Sales increased by 4x


All new leads are generated online

A Trusted Google Partner.

Leading the Industry Since 2002.

Edge has dominated the Google Ads space for almost 20 years now. We haven’t just jumped on the Google Ads bandwagon, we have been the driving force behind thousands of Pay Per Click campaigns that have generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue for our clients.

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No risk, no excuses. Just real results for your business.

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Don't just take our word for it.

The Gold Coast is one of the most competitive areas in Australia to run a trade business. We were paying an absolute fortune in all kinds of marketing and even though we were dealing with marketing company to run it all for us, we really had no idea what we were doing with our online advertising,Since dealing with Edge, we have halved our advertising budget and 4x our business. All of our new leads are generated 100% from our digital marketing and website.There have been times where we have had to temporarily pause our campaigns (which we hate doing) to catch up on our orders as we simply couldn’t keep up with growth.

Shani Middleton - Office Manager

Google Ads Health Check.

FREE Video Audit

What’s the point in changing to a new Google Ads agency if you aren’t clear about what value they can bring to your campaign? Our commitment to you is to give you some real value and insights up-front, and show you why we are one of Australia’s best Google Ads companies.

Please send me my customised video audit. Let's skip the audit and get right to work!

During your Google Ads health check, our leading Google Ads specialists are going to take a ‘look under the hood’ to uncover where your campaign is currently misfiring.

You will then receive a customised video with our expert insights on where your campaign is misfiring, why it’s not performing as well as it should and what we recommend doing to attract more converting leads for your sales team.

This Google Ads audit is completely at no-obligation. You can either:

Take our recommendations and attempt to implement them yourself with your existing team or;
Partner with Edge to drive your online growth with 17 years of experience behind us and iron-clad performance guarantees to protect your investment.

Search Engine Advertising.

There’s no doubt that online advertising is the most effective ROI advertising strategy that most businesses do! Edge is rated as one of the leading Google partner agencies in Australia as peer reviewed by Google themselves. By working with Edge you are assured of the highest quality of campaign strategy to maximise your growth and revenue.

A Google Advertising Company with a real investment.

Edge has recently invested well over $1 million dollars with Google and Facebook with ROI returning many times more than this to our clients. Our Google Ads management strategies are among the best in the world, and Edge is rated as one of the leading Google partner agencies in Australia as peer reviewed by Google themselves. By working with Edge you are assured of the highest quality of campaign strategy to maximise your growth and revenue.

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Want return on investment?.

Forget TV, Radio and Newspaper

Target location, age, gender, background, interests and combine these with social triggers that puts your brand in front of your customers at the exact time they are making a purchasing decision.

Infographic on targeting for marketing

The importance of partnering with a Google Advertising Company.

Our management fee not only became cost neutral by finding savings that we were able to quickly remove in the existing campaign, but became extremely profitable once we implemented our improvements and followed where the people were spending their money.

IQS Solutions is a national online retailer that needed a Google advertising company to partner with to manage and improve their Google Ads campaigns.

Edge created a targeted digital marketing strategy which included Google Ads Management. Through continual review and improvement as a part of our monthly management, Edge created a highly-optimised campaign that increased company revenue by $10’s of thousands of dollars each month.

Comparing year on year.

  • 45.25% decrease in impressions -The phrases they were previously targeting had high search volume but were not ‘money/buying’ phrases. We removed the non-profitable keywords and focused more on money making terms.
  • 20.73% increase in clicks through to the website - Our content strategy resulted in a much higher click through rate to a much better quality of visitor that is ready to purchase.
  • 120.52% increase in click through rates - A strong CTR helps Google Ads campaigns overall
  • 18.56% decrease in the average cost per click – By reducing the average cost per click we had more $$$ to spend on more clicks.
  • 203.39% increase in overall goal completions - By attracting a better quality visitor that were ready to purchase, our goal completions percentage sky rocketed.
  • 68.86% decrease in cost per conversion - A combination of all of the above factors resulted in over halving the cost per conversion investment.

And the whole campaign cost slightly less than the previous year

Our direction from the client was to take their existing yearly budget and squeeze better results from it. We actually came in slightly under budget with massive profitable outcomes.

*Results from Google Ads and Google Analytics

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