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Build awareness and create desire

Ads on the Google Display Network (GDN) are visual. They’re like targeted billboards or adverts in a magazine. The difference is that these adverts only show unique content targeted at the user, depending on their behavior, demographics, and interests.

Rather than being intrusive or interruptive these types of ads enhance the user experience. A well-executed display campaign can reach people who are already interested in what you’re offering. This creates brand awareness which can grow your audience in a short amount of time. Over time, when they think about the service or product you’re offering, they’ll think of you.

How do Google Display Ads work?

Creating Display Ads.

When we create a Google Display Network campaign we start with your ads. We focus on image ads (versus text only ones) which we create in house. These get the best performance for display campaigns and have a much bigger impact on brand recall. There are more than a dozen sizes you could potentially create, but there are five consistent top performers:

  • Medium rectangle (300×250)
  • Large rectangle (336×280)
  • Leaderboard (728×90)
  • Half page (300×600)
  • Large mobile banner (320×100)

Choose Placements.

When it comes to brand you want to be associated with other likeminded companies. Fortunately, with Google Display Network campaigns you get to pick which types of sites that show your ads. On top of creating the right brand identity, this means the most efficient use of your budget by avoiding websites that are too broad or that don’t fit your audience.

Set Your Bidding and Budget Preferences.

The best way to operate any Google Ads campaign is to manually manage your bids. Whether you want impressions, clicks, or conversions we’ll get you results that align with your objectives. A lot of companies, when it comes to display campaigns, rely on automated bidding and artificial intelligence to manage a client money. We find that people are better than machines when it comes to advertising spend – we get control where it counts.

Determine Your Targeting.

A display campaign doesn’t work the same as a search network campaign. When it comes to targeting, it’s not just about search terms, we pick audiences, demographics, and interest groups based on how people use the internet. There is a huge range of targeting options to choose from, which allows you to drill down and be very specific in who you reach with your brand message. There is such a thing as being too targeted, but we’re experts in finding the right balance to get you the best results.

Refine Settings.

Similar to Facebook, the GDN offers advanced features that put you in control of where, when, and how your ads show. These settings go beyond choosing the sites where your ads are displayed. You can also specify which devices show your ads, as well as the day and time your ads will appear.

Search Ads Vs. Display Ads

A lot of our clients ask us which ads platform is the best. They’re not sure if they should focus on one, the other, or both. There are varying opinions on the topic, but we recommend the following:

Search ads are ideal for reaching customers who have intent. They’re perfect for service-based businesses like plumbers, mechanics, and chiropractors. In these professions, customers have an immediate problem and need help. They search, you appear – right when they need you.

Display ads are best to reach people browsing and consuming content. They’re ideal when you want to create awareness for your brand. The clicks are usually cheaper than search ads, but the conversion rates are much lower. Again, this is because display ads aren’t geared toward intent-based customers. Their goal is to create demand where it doesn’t yet exist.

It can be tempting to abandon display ads because they don’t always have an immediate ROI, but they’re vital for a long-term marketing strategy. They have a knock-on effect across the board, and lead to greater conversions elsewhere. When a potential customer looks to buy, they don’t try to find your display advert so that they can click it – they search for your brand. And that’s where your Search network campaigns and SEO campaigns reap the benefits of the GDN.

At Edge, we’ll create a comprehensive Google Ads strategy that balances intent, awareness, and conversions, utilising all of the tools that Google has to offer.

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