Google Ads Remarketing

Following customers without being weird

Have you ever gone to a website looking at a pair of shoes only to see that same pair of shoes pop up again and again everywhere you go? You see them on Facebook, Instagram, a YouTube ad, and even on the home page.

Congratulations, you’ve been retargeted! This is where content from a website or part of a website appears for you again across the Internet thanks to user tracking.

In the early days of retargeting (also known as remarketing), customers felt a bit spooked. The concept of retargeting wasn’t as widely known or as utilised as it is today. However, now that it’s more commonplace, and most marketers do it, your remarketing strategies must be done well and with class.

Benefits of Remarketing

Even though remarketing is more commonplace, many still do not understand how it works. The consumer will often just think that you are so big that you are everywhere! This generates trust in you and your brand.

A customer might have been contemplating a decision, but seeing your ad helped convince them to do business with you.

When we target traffic from your other marketing activities we are able to use the data we already have to make better decisions, improving your conversion rates across the board.

The more your ads convert, the better placement and price they will get on the social and advertising networks. Because remarketing campaigns tend to have a higher conversion rate, you can benefit from lower ad spending and more exposure.

They might have been distracted by something else before completing a purchase or converting. Remarketing will remind them about the purchase they abandoned.

There’s a reason big brands advertise everywhere and do it so frequently. You might not need their product or service at the time of their advertisement, but as soon as a need arises, they’ll be top of mind.

We also recommend remarketing to repeat purchasers. Unless your product or service is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, there’s a good chance that this customer will come back when they see an ad.

Never assume a customer said no

The average conversion rate for an e-commerce site is under 3%. Further, it’s often much lower depending on the type of product you’re selling.

Maybe they got distracted, had to go back to work, or needed to cook dinner. Perhaps they were shopping around and hadn’t made a decision yet. Seeing a remarketing ad was the final push they needed to convert.

The takeaway is that the customer didn’t say no. They said, “not now.” The key is to make sure you capture them before they end up in the arms of a competitor. Which is where your remarketing campaign comes in.

Why choose EDGE for your remarketing campaign?

When we do remarketing, we do it strategically. You probably won’t have even noticed the remarketing campaigns where it’s the same, tired, generic brand message day after day. And if you have, do you see it and think how great it is? Or do you wonder how much longer these ads will keep popping up?

We are adept at identifying your most profitable remarketing audiences based on what services they are interested in, and how they’ve interacted with your business up until now. We create ads that suit the style of your company and the context of your customers’ situation. Because of our years of experience, we are experts at building adverts that convert. We meet the customers where they are in their journey. With a gentle nudge, we convince them that they should be doing business with your brand.

We highly recommend running your remarketing campaign alongside your Google search Ads and display marketing.

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