An amazing tale of how The HUNTER became the HUNTED!

Updated: September 9, 2019
An amazing tale of how The HUNTER became the HUNTED!

When we met Troy and the team at The Lion, we all knew they had a killer service.

You know what it’s like. You have a great product or service that people love…

But who doesn’t want more customers hunting down their business?I want more customers

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The Lion is a quality club venue located on the west side of Brisbane, and one of the most popular clubs in the state. They host amazing events, offer upmarket dining experiences, and have a great selection of bars and places to spend time with friends and family.Over time, their tried and tested marketing tactics, based on print and offline media distribution were no longer reaching the eyes and ears of their audience. The Lion found themselves in a position where not only were they wanting to reach and serve a younger demographic who are digital natives, but were also watching their biggest audience – the Gen X and Baby Boomers – no longer just dabbling in Facebook and Google, but keeping it in their pocket and turning to it as their main source of news and contact with family and friends.

The Lions Marketing Manager, Troy Sorrenson, has an extensive career in News Media and is excellent at building promotions and content that speaks directly to his members. Troy was smart enough to realise that he had to get one step ahead of what they were doing currently at The Lion, and find a way to reposition their marketing to capitalise on the digital audience opportunity that was being left on the table.The ‘club industry’ that The Lion are in have not necessarily been early adopters of Digital Marketing to reach new audiences, although they are excellent at leveraging Digital Marketing internally to members via loyalty promotions, rewards and notifications. The Lion are also great at creating content for their social channels and digital community. Have you seen the videography on their website? Their challenge was to use the power of Digital Marketing to get in front of new potential members at the right time.

Troy took a very cautious, but strategic approach. There were 5 very smart things he did to get The Lion from where they were, to the goal of reaching new audiences in the places they were hanging out:

1. Be aware of any problems with current marketing efforts. What’s not firing as well as it should be?
2. He was aware of the Vision of the organisation. This enabled him to build the marketing messaging with the right focus.
3. Know that they had to get onto multiple platforms – even if not sure which ones.
4. Hire an expert when you don’t have the experience.
5. Finally, Troy approached his new partnership with a test and measure approach.

In More Detail:

  1. Be aware of any problems with current marketing efforts, and where the gaps are.

    They understood that while they were known in the area, there was a huge opportunity for audiences outside their catchment to become regular patrons of the club. Troy was also wise enough to realise that newspaper ads that had worked in times gone past were no longer providing a positive ROI and that it was time to change their tactics.

    Are you aware of the gap in your current marketing efforts? Or perhaps you just know it’s not working as well as you’d like. A good place to start to identify the gaps are to ask a few simple questions:

    Where do our enquiries come from?
    A. Google and Social Media
    B. Referrals

    Are enquiries
    A. Consistent; or
    B. Sporadic

    Is our current marketing budget providing a clear return?
    A. Yes,
    B. No or Unsure

    If you answered mostly ‘B’ then there is an immediate gap in your marketing efforts that can potentially be addressed with a good Digital Marketing campaign.
  2. Understand the vision of the organisation.

    This enables you to build the marketing messaging with the right focus.
    For The Lion, they wanted to provide the kind of service that you’d receive at a 5 star restaurant. Their real drive is to create a better experience for their visitors. You will see throughout their marketing that their aim is to provide the look and feel of their quality offering, and when engaging the team at Edge, that congruence has been an important part of the work we’ve done together.

Whether your vision for your business is to dominate the market place in your industry, expand nationally, or simply get enough business coming in to provide a great income and comfortably pay wages, knowing your destination helps when approaching your marketing efforts. Without a goal, it’s difficult to decide what the best path forward is.

  1. Know you have to get onto multiple platforms.

    Troy knew they had to reach their prospective audience where they were hunting and where they were hanging out. The opportunities for The Lion on social media platforms as well as search platforms was huge. They knew they couldn’t NOT be there any longer.

    Where is your ideal client hanging out…

    Are they escaping into their beautifully curated feeds of Instagram?
    Catching up on the latest current affairs on
    Searching for DIY video instructions on YouTube for their latest project?
    Tracking their fitness wins on an app on their phone?
    Are they looking for a new home on
    Frantically organising with friends and family on Facebook Messenger?

  2. Hire an expert when you don’t have the experience.

    Rather than losing out on the opportunity that Digital Marketing brings, Troy realised the quickest and best way to market was to use a Digital Marketing Agency. There were plenty to choose from but in the end he chose the Edge team because we wanted someone to become part of his business – we asked the right questions and provided a solution that focused on his specific needs and results.

    Need some help choosing an expert? Here’s some help when it comes to choosing an SEO provider –
  3. Finally, Troy approached his new partnership with a ‘test and measure’ approach.

    The marketing plan was carefully phased in over a number of months to ensure that there was a measurable ROI before moving to the next phase. Each time, the results were speaking for themselves in the form of new patrons bringing their business through the door, and he was able to reinvest back into the marketing budget.

As business owners ourselves, we understand that no business has an unlimited Marketing budget. We get that your marketing is an investment and the goal is to have a positive return for the business. When we first meet with our clients we take a birds eye view of the goals of the business, the resources, and the timeframes that goals need to be achieved and provide a custom solution to each business.

When we first began working with The Lion we approached their immediate need which was to bring in more diners during their quieter midweek days. We achieved this through a carefully scheduled Social Media campaign. Once that campaign was underway we looked at the people outside their catchment that were hunting for services that The Lion provided, and developed a sophisticated search campaign with a combination of SEO and Google Ads to capture this audience – Making The Lion, the “hunted”. We have rolled out various other focused campaigns that are both ongoing and event focused.

Some Of The Results:

100% increase in new visitors to their site year on year

Explosion in membership numbers with clever offer via Facebook Ads

Targeted Google Ads bringing traffic from OUTSIDE their traditional catchment area

We have a lot of pride in the work that we’ve done with The Lion so far, and look forward to being able to share more updates on their wins and successes along the way.

If you’re looking to partner with a Digital Marketing Agency to grow your reach to audiences and increase leads, sales and revenue – then book in a 30 minute strategy session with our Results Team today.Book a Strategy Session

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