Top 3 Digital Marketing channels

Updated: June 12, 2019
Top 3 Digital Marketing channels

When it comes to digital marketing, some channels have continuously proven their worth. Others have become obsolete due to the changes that are occurring with the way that consumers interact with media. Three of the best digital marketing channels that have continuously been effective and will continue to strengthen in the future are search engine optimisation, Google Ads and Facebook advertising.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation, or SEO for short, is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of techniques that can be used to increase SERP, which stands for search engine ranking page. The higher up on the results pages that a website ranks, the easier it is for consumers to find it.

Research has shown that the majority of search engine users do not scroll past the first page of the results page. That is why SEO is such a crucial component of maintaining a healthy amount of website traffic and for connecting people to the products and services that your company offers.

SEO Is More Than Just Keywords

In years past, it was easy to manipulate search engines by stuffing content with keywords that were popular among consumers. That is no longer the case. This is due to advancements that have been made within the search algorithms that search engines use to rank pages.

In this day and age, keywords are still used, and they have their place in marketing, but they are used differently. Research has found that long tail keywords and phrases are more effective when it comes to generating long-term results and increasing organic traffic.

Search engine ranking algorithms greatly favour long-form content. This lengthy content is a great way to equip your website with long tail keywords and phrases. Due to the fact that long-form content is often information-packed, it naturally includes a variety of phrases that consumers are likely to use when completing a search.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is website traffic that occurs naturally and increases over time. Organic traffic can be increased by utilising a variety of methods. One of the primary ways of improving organic traffic is delivering high-quality content to viewers at a steady rate.

Studies have shown that video content does an excellent job of improving SERP organically. As we move into the future, visual stimulus is becoming the preferred way to get information. For this reason, visual search technology like the Google Lens continues to become more popular.

Organic search optimisation methods have been shown to outperform the non-organic methods of improving search engine page ranking when it comes to long-term, consistent results that last. However, there are still some instances where non-organic methods are used.

For example, non-organic SEO methods can be used alongside organic methods to give new businesses a temporary boost while they bulk up their content and wait for organic SEO methods to get their footing.

Google Ads

Google Ads are a form of Pay Per Click advertising that provides its users with a variety of tools. The first thing that people tend to think of when think of Google Ads is an increase in website traffic. While this is true, there are many other ways in which Google Ads give businesses an advantage over those who do not use Google Ads. One of the main perks being the data Google Ads gives its users.

Google Ads Provide High-Quality Data

When you enrol your website in Google Ads, you get what is called ad campaign data. The data that you’re provided with from your ad campaign is full of valuable data that can be reverse engineered to develop a foolproof marketing strategy.

By examining the data, you’ll gain insight into which keywords and phrases have the highest conversion rates, as well as the ability to peer into which title tags and meta descriptions are capturing the attention of your audience.

Having this data in hand takes the trial and error away when it comes to utilising keywords. It allows users to see regularly updated reports about the performance and conversion rates that the keywords they are using produce. Without this kind of insight, many website owners are left to take their chances and see if their traffic begins to increase over time.

By using this data, you can experiment with your keywords and make changes as necessary without having to wait months to see how they perform. This allows small businesses to improve their ranking and marketing strategy in a fraction of the time of what would otherwise be possible.

Targeted Marketing Insight

Google Ads provides its users with what is called a remarketing list. This list is packed with gems that can give you insight into how your potential customers are behaving on the internet. Some of this insight include things like their interests and information about items that a potential customer may be looking for when shopping.

The targeted marketing insight feature of Google Ads is incredibly valuable for companies that focus on selling products. This technology allows users to adjust their listings based on the current trends, which can work to improve sales and convert customers who would have otherwise gone elsewhere for similar products.

Increasing Click Throughs To Your Website

All of the perks mentioned above aside, one of the main reasons why businesses use Pay Per Click services like Google Ads is their ability to funnel new customers directly to their websites. When you’re working with a company that has a proven track record of helping businesses succeed through Google Ads, the results that it can bring in terms of increased website traffic have the potential to be profound.

You can optimise your chances of increasing your traffic through Google Ads by working with people who are familiar with the ins and outs of how the Google Ads program works. When you take into account the amount of revenue that Google Ads can bring to your business, it becomes very clear why you shouldn’t mess around with companies that do not have ample experience.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook stores an impressive amount of data about its users. Through the use of Facebook advertising, this data can be used for advertisement and targeted marketing. If you’re like many others who use Facebook, you’ve likely noticed how accurate these advertisements can sometimes seem.

The best and most effective facebook advertising campaigns are multi-layered and capable of targeting audiences down to specifics like age, gender and interests. Facebook allows businesses to do this in a way that is unparalleled to other paid advertising opportunities. With Facebook advertising, you can combine age and gender with any number of interests or “likes” that a person may display on their profile.

There is a huge market waiting for the taking across social media platforms. As it stands in the year 2019, 1 in 2 Australians uses Facebook every day. With the help of professional social media marketers, you can begin to see the results that Facebook advertising can bring for yourself.

What Professional Facebook Advertising Can Give

Many people attempt to navigate the world of social media marketing on their own, but as great as Facebook’s advertising can be, it is a pretty far cry from beginner friendly. Due to the sharp learning curve, beginners often end up making mistakes with their Facebook Advertising campaigns that take a lot of energy and effort to troubleshoot.

When you hire professionals to develop a Facebook Advertising campaign for you, your investment will more than pay for itself in a variety of ways. You will see improvements monetarily at first. With time, you will also notice how much time and energy that you could have otherwise wasted.

Below are some of the issues that can be avoided by working with professionals.

  • Incorrect ad formatting
  • Not being precise enough with targeting
  • Not having a clearly defined call to action
  • Running into trouble with Facebook’s ad text rule
  • Choosing the wrong images
  • Not testing your ads well enough to make the necessary improvements

The issues above may seem small at first glance, but as anyone with experience in marketing knows, even the seemingly simple things can have a massive impact when it comes to making or breaking the success of a digital marketing campaign. Without accounting for every little detail, you can set yourself up for failure.

It’s Time To Put These Channels To The Test

When it comes to digital marketing, time is of the essence. The sooner that you begin to take action, the sooner you can start to receive the results that you need to keep your business operating in alignment with its maximum potential.

Keeping up with the latest advancements is a sure way to see continued success. Businesses that do not explore new marketing channels and techniques risk falling behind as the businesses that do begin to maximise their profits.

If you aren’t comfortable navigating these channels by yourself, do not hesitate to hire a professional to help.

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