Steph Meehan

  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Bachelor of Business, Majoring in Marketing
  • 13+ years in Digital Sales and Marketing

Stephanie is a passionate and diligent business development manager with over 13+ years of experience in digital marketing and new business development. She’s passionate about new challenges, and has a drive to over-deliver in every aspect of her work.


Steph has a wide range of experience across the e-commerce, medical, legal, automotive, and finance industries, with particular expertise in the building & property sector.

Having gained her first digital marketing experiences back in 2010 at REA Media, Steph quickly fell in love with the industry. Whilst working full time she completed a degree in Business, majoring in Marketing with a minor in Journalism. Throughout her career, Steph has worked at a number of leading agencies, and in house as a Marketing Manager.

Steph’s background has given her a deep understanding of how business and marketing interact, ensuring she keeps the client’s need for ROI from marketing investments at the forefront of her mind.

What does Steph's day look like

With a focus on best practice, Steph’s day starts with ensuring she’s on top of how we do things at EDGE. Driven by her desire to over-deliver on campaign value, Steph spends a good portion of her time with the product delivery team, keeping her finger on the pulse of best practice.

Steph uses this information, combined with her extensive experience, to ensure clients are getting the best service available, answering questions intelligently, and delivering vital information to empower client decision making.

What Steph gets up to in his spare time

Steph loves to start her day early, getting out of the house at 6AM for a daily jog and motivational podcast. She loves wine & cheese, as well as the taste of culture, so it’s not uncommon to see her at one of her favourite Brisbane venues. On a sunny day Steph will be at the beach with her family, enjoying the surf, and working on her tan!

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