CSM Service Bodies


CSM Service Bodies are the largest manufacturers of trade service bodies and canopies in Australia. CSM have a large retail distribution network right across the country and also offer fleet solutions to large multinational companies in the trades sectors.

The Challenge

CSM were growing fast and identified the need to upgrade their website to meet the expectations of their growing market share driven largely by the digital marketing strategy we had recently implemented for them. The new website required quite a lot of customised features with a significant development investment to bring it to life. Quite rightfully the new marketing manager took the website redevelopment project out to tender and made a price sensitive decision and chose the cheaper quotewith a competitor web development company.

We were still retained as their digital marketing partners while their new website was being redeveloped elsewhere.

Within the first month of the new website going live, our SEO rankings continued to grow, resulting in a huge 36% increase in traffic. Although there was a huge increase in new visitors, sales actually went down. The new, cheaper website was failing to convert visitors into leads.

  • Our originalwebsite was producing105 conversionsper week.
  • The newcheaper website wasonly producing70 conversions per weekwith 36% more traffic.
  • With a36% increase in visitors during this period, conversionsshould have been at least143 per weekif the original website was still active.

Over the next 4 months, we calculated a potential revenue loss of close to $3 million dollars.

The Solution

The client had no choice but to rebuild their website again with the necessary investment required to drive visitors through a positive user experience that empowered them totake significant conversion action as we influenced them through our website funnelling strategies.

Our new website improved conversion rates from the original website and we continued to improve rankings on key search phrases driving more buyers to the website.

What We Do.

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increase in traffic from SEO increased rankings


decrease in conversions

Potential Revenue Lost

  • Old site’s conversions + % increase in traffic to new site = 1,119 lost conversions over 4 months
  • 1,119 x $2500 (Estimated average sale) = $2,797,500Potential lost revenue

Don't just take our word for it.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. Please don’t underestimate how important your website is when it comes to your sales results. You need to look at your website like it is a salesperson working for you. You can have both good and bad sales people find their way into your business and this wasan unfortunate, yet great example as to what can happen when you have the wrong website (salesperson) working for you. We are now back on track with a constant stream of sales enquiries generated from our digital marketing and converted by our website and we are very happy. Thank you to all the team at Edge.

Brian Attwood - Sales and Marketing