Pushing AdWords to its limits

Select Patient Care are an international manufacturer of hospital beds and equipment. Their AdWords campaign was performing extremely well. But after an in-depth review, we took the campaign to a whole new level!

Select Patient Care Australia offers a range of hospital beds and equipment, some of which are only available in certain states. Their national campaign was producing great results and the client was extremely happy with the enquiry being generated. 

Edge did a comprehensive review of 12 months worth of data with a specific detailed breakdown of goal completions to determine campaign effectiveness on a macro scale. We found that there was a significant amount of interest on products not available in the customer's locations leading to a loss in conversion.

We redeveloped the entire AdWords strategy tailoring the campaign with geo-targeting. The increase in results were significant and substantial. 


  • 125% increase in clicks through to the website
  • 375% increase in goal completions
  • 101% increase in conversion rate
  • 15.80% drop in bounce rate
  • 44% increase in viewed pages per session


*Results from Google AdWords and Google Analytics