How we doubled online sales for our client in just 12 months

Following an initial digital marketing meeting, EDGE completed a comprehensive overhaul of our clients entire digital marketing strategy as they looked to expand their business nationally and internationally. With the mandate to 'boost' online sales, we did better than just give it a 'boost'. We doubled their online sales in only 12 months!

Westlab is one of Australia’s leading scientific consumables and equipment supplier servicing schools, universities and laboratories with quality products and an unsurpassed customer experience. They deliver the complete solution for chemical, biological and physical sciences.

Westlab recognised they needed a consolidated marketing approach to consistently attract, engage and convert more sales as the looked to gain greater market share in Australia and also looked to expand internationally. 


Following an initial rebrand of the Westlab image, EDGE completed a comprehensive overhaul of Westlab’s marketing with a strong shift from traditional media into a dynamic and engaging digital marketing space. 

Westlab's rankings were generally quite strong, but the keywords were all wrong; focused too much on researching keywords that had big search numbers rather than converting keywords that people were buying from. With a shift in budget, we were able to increase the rankings of keywords that were resulting in sales which had an immediate impact of profitability. As a result we were able to increase our marketing investment in our SEO and really own this digital space. 

Combining our SEO strategy with strong AdWords and remarketing strategies, we doubled our client's online sales in only 12 months with only a very small increase in their existing marketing budget.