Over 80% of advertising budget was being wasted

Edge implemented our AdEdge call tracking on a client's advertising campaign and the results were startling. Over 80% of budget applied to newspaper advertising was being wasted.

Edge ran a fully integrated advertising campaign for a new client. From our market research we recommended our strategy and budgets that were very digitally focussed, however our client wanted to see the majority of their budget spent more traditionally in the form of newspaper advertising against our recommendation.

Edge tested a smaller advertising campaign for 1 month using AdEdge Call Tracking phone numbers to measure calls along with unique URL's to measure website visitors. Here are the results after 30 days...


Newspaper Advertising Budget = $4840

  • Calls generated = 0
  • Website visitors = 3


Online Advertising Budget = $551

  • Calls generated = 33
  • Website visitors = 381


Knowledge is power. The key is to track and measure.

We quickly identified that over 80% of our budget was being ineffective through newspaper advertising. Had we have not used AdEdge's tracking and measuring software, tens of thousands of dollars would have been wasted in ineffective advertising over the coming months.

Now we have a highly successful advertising strategy that is directly engaged with the market, producing quality leads that are converting into profitable sales.