Natural Wonders Early Learning offers state of the art Childcare and Kindergarten programs. Their centre occupancy was quite strong across the board, however their Kindergarten program was lagging. That was until we implemented a campaign specifically targeting parents with Kindergarten aged children!

Natural Wonders already had a great reputation and a strong local following. The centre marketing we had in place was driving enrolment enquiry across the board. However, there was a slower uptake on their Kindergarten enrolments. We drilled down and strategised a campaign designed specifically to target this age group.

Edge created a Facebook advertising campaign to target parents of kindergarten aged children layered with geo-targetting to the primary catchment area of the centre.

This campaign was active for just over one month and resulted in not only filling available Kindergarten placements, but created so much new demand that there was a requirement for additional new programs and a waiting list!

What our Client had to say:

“Over the last month or so, our Kindergarten enquiries and enrolments have been increased immensely. We are now looking into 2 Kindergarten programs for 2018 as we have a waiting list of about 12 children for Kindergarten. All of our Pre Kindy children are staying for Kindy next year and this room is full. We have 17 children that need to go to Kindergarten next year and due to Pre-Kindy being full, we cannot move them into Pre-Kindy at the present time”

Mary White
Centre Director
Natural Wonders Early Learning