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What is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO isn’t just for Fortune 1000 companies anymore. Any brand that’s ready to take their search engine optimisation to the next level could benefit from Enterprise SEO.

There are a lot of “types” of SEO out there, and most of your competitors have no clue about the differences. In the early days of the Internet, SEO was SEO. Then around 2003, the search engines started displaying results to users based on their vicinity. As local SEO evolved, it led to further distinctions among nationalinternational, and enterprise varieties.

Enterprise SEO combines both high-level and granular strategies to help the entire organization rank in the search engines and grow revenue. Companies with various revenue streams, divisions, or office locations are usually the ones that benefit most from this approach.

How Is Enterprise SEO Different?

As you can imagine, performing SEO for a site with ten pages is going to be different than optimising a website with 100 pages or 1,000 pages. While the principles of SEO remain the same, the tactics will shift to achieve SEO at a larger scale.

There are six ways that an Enterprise SEO differs from a local or national strategy:

1. Keyword strategy

Instead of a few dozen keywords, we could be working to rank thousands. In addition to highly competitive generic keywords, we’ll also employ medium and long-tail keywords as well as optimise for specific search queries.

2. Automation

Imagine trying to create and optimise hundreds or thousands of web pages from scratch. With our systems, we’re able to automate the process, getting results at a reasonable price in a shorter amount of time.

3. Optimised templates

Our depth of experience means that we’ve perfected many processes in our SEO strategy. We have blueprint-style models that adapt to your organisation’s changing needs while supercharging your SEO.

4. Data entry

Avoid duplicate content or massive errors by working with a company like Edge. We take attention to detail seriously, and we mean it when we say you’ll have the edge over your competition.

5. Innovation

Data is a powerful decision-making tool. Large websites using Enterprise SEO strategies are at an advantage because they have more data than anyone else. We can help you put this data to use to skyrocket growth and ensure your company is moving in the right direction.

6. Integration

Larger organisations might have multiple departments running ad campaigns and creating content. At Edge, we work with your stakeholders to ensure that all departments have aligned goals while avoiding work that duplicates efforts or wastes money.

Enterprise SEO combines technical ability with business acumen

As websites grow and become increasingly complex, there are a lot of moving parts. From ensuring pages get redirected to managing a keyword silo, it’s not just about the keyword strategy. An experienced Enterprise SEO consultant will help devise an overall plan that guides you in how to prioritise keywords, how much your traffic is worth, and where you should focus your efforts.

No matter how big your internal team is, we are willing to bet that you’d rather have them focused on revenue-generating activities than being immersed in data and pages doing grunt work.

Because Edge combines both technical expertise and business acumen, we can help you maximize the results of your SEO strategy in a way that’s efficient and cost-effective.

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