Brochure and local web development

Need a website that brings in consistent enquiries?

If updating your website has been on your To-Do List for a while but you’re not sure where to start or who to trust – you’re not alone. At EDGE we regularly speak to clients who have been burned by their previous agencies or ‘web developer’ and end up with an expensive but ineffective website.

A unique approach

We take a unique approach to building website for our customers. It’s all about a site that brings in leads and enquiries – and a no hassle project.

As a top-ranked website design and development company in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Melbourne, we know what it takes to create a site that looks professional and gets the phone ringing.

With every site providing a mobile-friendly design that load quickly and makes life easy for your customers – we ensure a great user experience.

Why we focus on mobile

You know yourself – if you want to find anything – you get out your phone and you Google it. Up to 75% of people are browsing the internet from mobile devices, in fact as a local business, your mobile traffic percentage might be even higher. This is because local searches tend to be ‘hunting for a service’ as opposed to simply researching. If you provide a product or service in a specific city or region, then there’s a good chance that a lot of your traffic stems from searches such as “{your product or service} near me” or “{your product or service} in Melbourne,” for example.

Because we focus on local businesses, we are better equipped to optimise sites that cater to regional audiences as well as design sites for the big guys, too.

What to do if your site isn't converting

Perhaps you've recently updated your site, or you love the way your site looks but it's not performing as expected.

In the world wide web, looks aren't everything (although they do matter!). Having a site that's functional and optimised for conversions is also critical. We offer complimentary site audits, so we can identify where the problems are.

What Happens When We Work Together...

We don't think a project is complete until you're meeting your goals. To ensure that we deliver on time and within budget, we do our homework before writing a single line of code.


You know your business better than anyone. Our goal is to know it as well as you do! We'll study your ideal customer avatars, research your competitors, dive into industry trends. By the end of this process, you'll have a complete proposal with critical findings and analytics that you can use as a reference for future projects.


Tell us your goals and what you aim to achieve. We need to know where you've been and where you wish to go. Then we'll put together a map of how to get there.


We believe in collaboration. We'll work side by side on website design and collateral that can grow with you.


We believe in balancing form and function to deliver an ideal customer experience. Creating an enjoyable user experience and optimising the design for conversions go hand-in-hand.


We study best practices, and we have theories about what works and what doesn't. The debates in our office can get animated! But, we don't implement based on theory alone. We conduct A/B split tests to determine what designs, features, and functionality resonate most with your audience.


We leave no stone unturned. We test and test some more. We try to break things, and the project isn't finished until we know the design is robust. We guarantee your site will look good on any screen and load no matter how slow someone's Internet connection is.


Now comes the fun part. We hand over the keys to the kingdom so that you can unveil your new website and designs to the world. Your new site will have all the bells and whistles to function from day one.

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