Mobile Web Development

Stunning website design. On every device.

After designing sites for over 20 years, we've noticed some trends. One of the most predominant trends has been the use of mobile devices to access the Internet.

According to a recent study, one-third of Internet users go online primarily with their mobile devices.

So, ask yourself this: was your website built to cater to a mobile audience?

Sure, most websites are at least somewhat mobile responsive, but there’s a difference between a mobile-first site and mobile-friendly site.

You see, most developers build a site using large screens and optimise for a desktop or laptop experience. Then, they work on making the design work for mobile. Few developers have the insight to build a site thinking first of mobile phones. At Edge, we’ve streamlined the web development process, so no matter what, your site will look spectacular and function flawlessly across all devices and screen sizes.

When you hire us for mobile web development, we make a promise:

Responsive Layouts

We ensure a seamless user experience on all devices, all screen sizes, and on all browsers.


Professional Design

You don’t need to sacrifice visual imagery just because the screen is smaller.

Mobile APIs

We build in features like orientation and geolocation, specifically for the mobile experience. Orientation means that when a user rotates their phone or tablet screen, the site will automatically adjust to the new perspective. Geolocation means that the website will detect where the user is and can deliver custom content based on their location. Welcome to the 21st century!

Cross-Browser Code

Ditch the frustration of having a site look perfect on Chrome but like a hot mess on Safari. Our cross-browser code ensures that your site appears consistently, regardless of the browser, ensuring the frequently used ones such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge are all making your site look great.


Touch Screen Features

Users can touch, pinch, zoom, and scroll with a user-intuitive interface and robust functionality.

Better Metrics

A poorly optimised site will hurt your metrics. Key drivers like conversion rates, time on site, and bounce rate are all tracked by Google and Facebook. A poor experience can hurt your search engine rankings and inflate your ad spend.

When your site is designed for mobile, it results in higher rankings in the search engines and lower cost per clicks for your ad campaigns.

Fast Performance

Browsing the Internet on a mobile device when you’re on the go isn’t always as fast as it is when you’re at your home or office. You might not have WiFi, meaning you’ll have to rely on your data plan and mobile coverage to access the Internet. We know how frustrating it is to wait 10 or 20 seconds for a site to load. That’s why we aim to ensure that a website loads in less than three seconds (and sometimes in under one second), regardless of how slow a user’s Internet connection is.

Without getting too technical, here’s a glimpse of what we do under the hood:

  • Image optimisation
  • Code compression
  • Database queries
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

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