Digital Marketing Management

Over 80% of all Australian's search online for their local product or service, so before you spend another cent on Newspaper, TV or Radio, you must have a digital marketing strategy in place.

We don't even talk about going online anymore... we live online

When developing a website you should also consider your digital marketing strategy to drive your online success. Most businesses build a website for the sake of building a website without understanding or integrating the important digital marketing strategies that drive profitable website returns. It’s very much like producing a TV commercial and not buying any air-time to show it to anyone.

With over 80% of all Australians now online...

It is crucial that you understand the link between an effective digital marketing strategy and the success of your business.

Your website forms the hub of this digital strategy and we focus on empowering you to start focussing on key areas such as:

  • Traffic Creation - How many people you can attract to your website and through what sources
  • Conversion Strategies - How you funnel your visitors through to conversion once they are on your website
  • Remarketing - How well you continue to engage and re-market to those that have previously visited you, and;
  • Advanced Analytics - Understanding exactly how much profit your entire digital strategy is making you

Edge will develop a digital marketing strategy for your business that will allow you to engage your potential markets active in the digital economy.

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