Retargeting Ad Strategies

Retargeting is an extremely efficient ROI strategy that works by advertising to your old website visitors after they have left your website. It acts a little bit like an insurance policy on your investment that attracted your visitors to your website in the first place but are still in a consideration cycle and aren't quite ready to take action.

Every business should be retargeting

Retargeting is one of the most important digital strategies we recommend for all businesses that have a website.

By dropping a cookie onto the device that visited your website, we can track that device and serve up your ads over and over to give you a 'coca-cola like' brand presence to your previous website visitors.


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People don't always buy straight away

To understand how effective this form of marketing is, it is important to understand how people behave online. In many cases, people will browse a website for a future purchasing decision rather than acting right away. They may have made a conscious decision at that point to buy from you in the future, but when that time has come, they have followed a different path to purchase and have inadvertently bought from one of your competitors.

To put this into context, out of 100 people visiting your website you may only have 5 people buy, make contact or leave their details. That leaves 95 other people that have specifically visited your website and left without taking any action.

Keep your brand front of mind

A digital banner ad retargeting campaign enables you to advertise to your old website visitors as they go about their other activities on the internet and serve up your ads just to them as they visit other websites. Advertising to your old website visitors in this way keeps your brand front of mind so that when they are ready to purchase, they are returning to your website and not your competitor’s.

'CocaCola-like' brand presence

Your banner ads will appear over and over again giving you a 'CocaCola-like' brand presence to this extremely targeted database of old website visitors on a small business budget!


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