Video Record Website Visitors

Eliminate the guesswork of what you 'think' visitors are interested in on your website with real visitor video recordings of how they actually interact on your website. By seeing videos of your visitor’s clicks, taps and mouse movements you can identify on-page usability challenges in real time and address any obvious issues that they encounter.

Visitor Video Recordings

For real insights on how your website visitors are interacting with your website, Edge can record visitor sessions in video format that are stored and easily viewed on our easy to use platform. We can track:

  • Mouse movements
  • Clicks from the mouse
  • Page scrolling
  • Data typed into forms that get abandoned 
  • Places of high engagement 
  • Areas of confusion/exits

With real insights you can make intelligent changes that drive better engagement on your website.

Heat Mapping

You can then combine all user behaviour into heat maps to help you understand the bigger picture that subtle visitor recording behaviour may not pick up on an individual level. 

Heat mapping helps you understand what your visitors care about and really want from your website by representing all of their clicks, taps and scrolling actions.

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