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Social media marketing has blossomed over the past five years with the ever-growing audiences brought by platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

The most popular and second most popular websites available online, respectively, these two forums reach a clientele that spans the globe, yet can remain local, depending on each company’s individual branding objectives.

Developing a social media strategy is a multi-step process that brands can keep super simple or really develop in-depth for optimum results.

These forums are no longer simply publishing locations for advertisements (like online billboards or magazine pages), but instead, give opportunities that completely transform how a brand establishes its position and awareness both online and in-store.

Now's the time to invest in YouTube ads for your online marketing

However, half the challenge is working out how to go about YouTube marketing for your business, especially when video content hasn’t been a priority for you in the past.

In this guide, we’ll explore how our YouTube marketing agency utilises this form of digital marketing to leverage results for our clients across the globe.


Got all that? Don’t worry if you haven’t quite for your head around YouTube marketing as a tactic— it’s a lot to take in. That’s why our digital marketing agency marketing experts develop all our social media and YouTube marketing content with a couple of straightforward key objectives.

In this guide, you’ll see how video can become one of the most powerful marketing services for your business social media channel, brand and overall objectives.

There’s a reason why so many marketing agencies now offer this as a form of online marketing.

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Video content is a strategy, not a gamble

There’s a common public perception that going viral and working the algorithms on social media websites are extremely challenging tasks. But we’re here to tell you that it’s not so: successful social media and YouTube marketing campaigns are hardly random. Instead, they’re grounded in high-quality strategy, excellent planning and industry insider knowledge – just like all marketing services should be.

Let's get started

Let us guide you through the first steps of setting up a socials strategy to meet your brand’s unique marketing needs on the world’s biggest video marketing platform.

It’s absolutely essential to decide how your company wants to use their presence as part of their marketing strategy. Correlating your needs and goals to organically create video content that supplements your goods and services is essential to building a following online, as well as coming across as a competitive business brimming with experts and up to date know-how.

While we find that social media advertisements are great for establishing your business’s image and promoting awareness of your position in your respective industry, there is a whole range of hidden applications that social media platforms can provide to you.

But in order to best access your target audience – both returning and potential future customers – you need to have that solid social media presence, complete with paid advertisements that showcase your offerings in the best possible light.

Organic marketing

In an organic sense, our favourite part of using YouTube marketing as just posted videos on your own channel is the exposure you get out of it. We live so much of our lives on the Internet and our smartphones these days, and it’s hard to avoid being sent through messages from friends and family recommending their latest (or even prospective) purchases.

This kind of indirect engagement is only a supplement to the main form of engagement that your own social media accounts directly produce by engaging with followers and responding in a unified voice for your business.

Through establishing approachable and shareable channels of communication and content, you’ll be able to establish your business in a way that is perfectly aligned with the objectives of your individual business.

Paid YouTube advertising

On another level, you can also utilise paid YouTube advertising campaigns to place ads and content in front of your target audience who may be watching a like-minded video on the channel. Before during and after, they may see your business ads in a banner, visual, video or clickable link, complete with the ability to click through to your site.

Using YouTube for its ads features is a great way to keep tabs on your marketing spend, especially if you’re looking for a more PPC advertising option.

As specialists, we also recommend this approach to companies that need to expand their video advertising but don’t necessarily have the resources to constantly create new videos to upload for a consistent advertising campaign on the platform. Benefits also include:

  • Reach those who matter most to your business
  • Pay only when someone watches your ads
  • Target audiences on a deeper level
  • Access huge ROI
  • Track your ad metrics at any time
  • Know how your campaign is doing at all times
  • Create video content easily from your phone, or utilise marketing agencies to help you out.

Everything is possible on YouTube

Ultimately, you can get your message across any YouTube channel through ads like this, especially when you utilise the help of online marketing experts (psst, that’s our team).

Because the nature of this type of marketing is agile, you can stop and start your campaigns according to your needs and budget – which is always a win when you need a more flexible way of promoting your brand.

While a platform like YouTube is hugely powerful for its natural (or even supernatural) ability to drive traffic to pages organically, setting up your pages and digital marketing campaigns is always produces the best results if you have a set audience in mind. 

Al great marketing agencies will tell you that the key to a successful item or service is solving a problem that your target market has in a revolutionary way.

The easiest part of the product development process is isolating who might need this great new thing you’ve come up with or the business you’re building around it. So it follows that it’s absolutely essential that your video marketing focuses on finding the right people for your product.

Let’s recap:

YouTube can bring you an audience of 122 million active users a day. But the fact of the matter is that only a small percentage of those people will ever use or engage with your product -if at all.

To make sure you stand out, using a model like YouTube advertising is a great way to land your business in front of prospects already viewing video content on the site.

How to use your YouTube channel to your advantage

Making the most of your marketing efforts can seem daunting, particularly when we start talking about making videos and a fancy YouTube channel. But fret not, our marketing agency has you covered.

YouTube is just like any other social media platform, with its own inbuilt algorithms and search methods, in addition to preferred formats of content and so on.

You might be wondering how to be heard in the highly saturated world of YouTube, competing with 500 hours of video uploaded per minute, on average. We’ll tell you. There’s a number of ways to engage with the 2 million viewers logged in at any one time.

Easy ways to use YouTube for exposure

Here are a few of our favourite advertising campaigns which our YouTube marketing agency has helped clients create for their YouTube social media marketing:

  • Product demonstration and tutorial videos: A favourite for any product which could do with a demonstration from cosmetics to chainsaws, face masks to cleaning products. If you know the power of a good home shopping video, then you’ll know what we mean. 
  • Customer testimonials: What better way to showcase your track record and the impact of your product to your customers, all while playing on the emotions of your audience? We all know that the best kind of marketing is relatable and centred around a compelling narrative, and that’s why transformation videos for injectable treatments and process videos for a whole variety of services (such as home organising) are so infinitely popular. These are also great for use in your social media campaigns.
  • Brand-based videos: We’re putting together a couple of key video types under this category because these are all about your brand, specifically. Whether you’re a start-up hoping to highlight company culture and innovation by doing in-house interviews, or your business wants to showcase an event you’ve produced, you’re halfway to creating a solid image of your business as an advisor, patron and authority, all in one.
  • Using YouTube social media ads: You can create and promote your own company video marketing to be placed in the videos of other creators on the platform. Target your audience and enjoy a passive YouTube video marketing campaign that sends more traffic to your site or business profile.

Once you’ve defined the kind of marketing content (or kinds, no need to limit yourself to just one) which your company is hoping to use as YouTube marketing, there are a few more concepts to grasp before you click over to the site and start filming away.

Stress not

Remember, if this is all a bit overwhelming, you can always enlist the help of YouTube marketing agencies (like us) to take over the hard yards for your business.

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Meet video search engine optimisation: the secret weapon for your business

It sounds strange to those who are familiar with the basic tenets of digital marketing that SEO (or search engine optimisation) with its focus on keyword targeting and written content could possibly apply to YouTube, the video platform that we all know and love.

But the thing is, when you upload a YouTube video as part of an overall marketing strategy for your company, it’s not just the video you’re providing.

You’re also creating a whole host of written content — including your headline and description box, which accompanies your audiovisual content — and coincidentally is largely responsible for how your creative content is promoted.

Consider this

If you think about it, YouTube is just another search engine — not for websites, but for video. Aside from watching subscriptions and suggestions put forward by the YouTube algorithm, most people head to YouTube when they’re searching for something specific.

(Remember earlier when we discussed how marketing a product should be posing a common question and providing a new solution? This is exactly what we mean here.) 

Not convinced? Well, here are some of the ways that YouTube marketing puts those good old SEO tricks to good use:

  • Optimising a compelling headline with keywords: A fundamental part of the YouTube algorithm is knowing what people are looking for and helping them to find it
  • Writing a compelling description: Remember that the first 100 words are absolutely critical, as they’re all that are displayed for your viewers to read without clicking ‘show more’. But remember, boosting keywords in the text within your description, in addition to affiliate links to your website and/or product, is a great way to hide that SEO and boost your company material up users’ video watchlists.
  • Tagging your video and selecting a category that best fits your video. This can be determined through research and expertise about what kinds of videos fall into respective categories. 
  • Using subtitles. Another of YouTube’s hidden gems is uploading subtitles, translations or transcripts in the form of SRT files. These permit YouTube to find keywords within the actual content of the video – which truly speaks to the idea of ‘video SEO’.


Don’t forget the importance of linking back to other content which you have produced through end cards and redirecting back to your company’s channel page.

This is a huge part of video marketing on YouTube and drives home your business identity. It creates a community around the content you upload — another key reason we established earlier as to why YouTube marketing is so fundamental to 21st-century business establishment and expansion.

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It's what we do

As a digital marketing agency, we have accrued decades of experience in designing, creating and producing the highest quality YouTube marketing strategies and content – from concept to final production stages.

Whether you’re considering YouTube advertising as a possibility or you’re established and wanting to expand your presence, we firmly believe that YouTube marketing is a great way to power up your offering.

The greatest thing about YouTube advertising services is how dynamic it is.

YouTube videos show up in Google searches when you utilise good video SEO, but they can also be embedded in your email marketing, used as video assets, or on your website from the homepage to blog post, resulting in a high-quality finish with that polished edge of interest us marketing mavericks always love.

It’s estimated that over 80% of people aged 18 to 50 use YouTube at least monthly. So unlike TikTok or Snapchat, your views aren’t necessarily limited to the younger half of that demographic.

Additionally, an average YouTube session lasts 40 minutes, as opposed to a number of seconds or aimless minutes of scrolling, so your content can be watched, integrated, and revisited as many times as you like with ease.

Al great marketing agencies will tell you that the key to a successful item or service is solving a problem that your target market has in a revolutionary way.

The easiest part of the product development process is isolating who might need this great new thing you’ve come up with or the business you’re building around it. So it follows that it’s absolutely essential that your video marketing focuses on finding the right people for your product.

Let’s recap:

YouTube can bring you an audience of 122 million active users a day. But the fact of the matter is that only a small percentage of those people will ever use or engage with your product -if at all.

To make sure you stand out, using a model like YouTube advertising is a great way to land your business in front of prospects already viewing video content on the site.

But another important part of the YouTube marketing strategy is how your video will spread and continue to accrue a large audience over extended periods of time.

If you have your social media management strategy set right, this can be hugely beneficial. Unlike Facebook or Instagram campaigns, YouTube video content is all about timing and repetition, but once you put in the time and effort, your content will passively generate views over time. That means constant website traffic and brand exposure, with minimal effort after initial set up.

YouTube feeds a more organic form of user interaction. Consider this: most YouTube viewers go onsite as a place to listen to and watch pertinent or interesting content, rather than to view their friends’ and families’ activities.

In this way, YouTube really is much more of a search engine, tailored to individual interests and needs, rather than a social network. 

All of this is to say that YouTube marketing content can excel on the platform but also are frequently shared off-platform.

Think about all those times your partner has sent you an incredible recipe video or your friend has forward something funny to watch… and you’ll soon realise that these links were all sent to you via other messaging platforms.

This approach is unique among the major social media networks, and it results in a number of key traits which make YouTube the incredible platform it is today:

  • Increased, noncommittal reach: While noncommittal can sound concerning in a sales context, we’re telling you that the specificity of people’s searches and idiosyncratic usage of YouTube is a huge part of its charm. There’s very little social surveillance of what your peers are doing on the platform, meaning it’s a great way for individuals to explore areas of interest or need which might not be the best to boast about (from home furnishing to period products).
  • Off-platform sprawl: This is probably the most discussed attractor of our clients to YouTube as part of a diverse social media strategy. Due to YouTube’s ability to be easily shared, searched and embedded, YouTube videos are frequently found off-site, from Facebook to your friends’ group texts. This easy redirection of an extended audience to your uploaded content permits not only greater ROI but also increased business visibility over all your competitors who haven’t caught up to the video age.

As a YouTube marketing agency, It sounds absurd to our clients that they might get a rate of ROI that actively pays for itself. But part of the long game for YouTube marketing is forming your content itself into products that earn you money.

Let our digital marketing agency experts explain: if you’re currently fielding and taking calls every day regarding how to construct a piece of baby furniture, referring individuals to a video on your channel or even embedded in your website will save you money on labour costs alone.

But efficiency is not all that YouTube can bring to your business: it’s also a place where you can make money of your own.

We’ve got to chat about YouTube video marketing monetisation

Ah, yes, monetisation… that illusory concept which so many of our favourite YouTubers are concerned about constantly. But what does it really mean?

Monetisation refers to the ability of ads to be placed on your video by YouTube — spots which are worth hundred of thousands of dollars for short seconds, which is why this type of video ads are typically not worth pursuing for smaller businesses.

But what is great about this system is that with only 10,000 views of your content, you’ll be eligible to have advertisements placed before or during your published content, which generates its own revenue.

It might sound funny that your own marketing materials will be supplemented by other advertisers… but never fear.

YouTube ads are notoriously generic, falling into the category of TV ads more than creative content, meaning that your message won’t be offset by a familiar logo or associated competitors (unlike Instagram’s algorithm, which generally pairs like with like browsing).

Need our help? Looking for marketing agencies in your area?

If you’re looking for social media managers or a YouTube marketing agency, we’re just a click away, so feel free to contact us at any time to ask any questions which you might have regarding our digital marketing agency and our experience in YouTube marketing campaigns or social media marketing.