First page results or pay nothing

Over 80% of all Australians go online to find their local product or service!

92% don't go past the first page of Google!

As a digital marketing company, we rate Search Engine Optimisation or as it's commonly referred to; SEO as our most important digital marketing recommendation for growing your business. Our results speak for themselves. Over 84% of our entire client SEO keyword lists (12 months or older) are ranking on page 1.


What We Do.

   SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Over 80% of all Australians go online to find their local product or service. 92% don't go past the first page of Google! Edge's SEO strategies are driven with only one goal; first page rankings that will drive business growth. Once you start ranking on the first page, your business will have an automated flow of inbound enquiry from your website.

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   Search Engine Advertising

There's no doubt that online advertising is the most effective ROI advertising strategy that most businesses do! Edge is rated as one of the leading Google partner agencies in Australia as peer reviewed by Google themselves. By working with Edge you are assured of the highest quality of campaign strategy to maximise your growth and revenue.

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   Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is not for every business. However, for the right category of business, the rewards are absolutely massive. Our largest social media platform; Facebook, collects alot of data and knows exactly who you are, what topics you enjoy, and in many cases what product or service you are interested in buying even before you do. By profiling your market, Edge can create an extremely targeted advertising campaign that is served only to your target market ensuring that every dollar invested has the highest outcome for return.

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   Retargeting Ad Strategies

Retargeting is an extremely efficient ROI strategy that works by advertising to your old website visitors after they have left your website. It acts a little bit like an insurance policy on your investment that attracted your visitors to your website in the first place but are still in a consideration cycle and aren't quite ready to take action.

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   Email Marketing with EdgeMail

Enjoy the Power of Edge's Very Own Email Marketing Platform! Our powerful yet uniquely simple e-marketing program EdgeMail, allows you to send engaging, strategic emails to your database with real-time campaign reporting at your fingertips. You can track exactly how many people read your email, who they were and what they have clicked on. You can then use this intelligence by integrating it into your sales funnel.

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   AdEdge Call Tracking

Imagine being able to track every call from every ad you place and know exactly what ads are working and what ads aren’t… well now you can with AdEdge Call Tracking. AdEdge Call Tracking allows you to place unique phone numbers into your newspaper, flyer, TV and radio advertising for a true measure on how well your ads are performing and your money is being spent.

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   Website Development

Ever wonder what the difference is between a website designer and a digital marketer? There is a profound difference... Edge develops powerful websites using a complex science of on-page influencing strategies that engage, funnel and convert visitors into profits.

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   Graphic Design

Creative without strategy is called 'ART'... Creative with strategy is called 'MARKETING'. When you work with Edge's graphic design team, you draw on a wealth of creative marketing knowledge to engage your market.

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   Digital Marketing Management

Over 80% of all Australian's search online for their local product or service, so before you spend another cent on Newspaper, TV or Radio, you must have a digital marketing strategy in place.

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   NDIS Marketing

Edge Marketing is a certified Google partner and has been assisting organisations in the disability space ensure all their marketing is NDIS ready. Whether it's Re-Branding, Facebook Advertising, Google Grants or SEO we are very capable of ensuring your marketing is NDIS ready.

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Pushing an AdWords campaign
To its limits!

Select Patient Care are an international manufacturer of hospital beds and equipment. Their AdWords campaign was performing extremely well. But after an in-depth review, we took the campaign to a whole new level! As a reputable Google Partner, we let our figures do most of the talking!

125% increase in clicks through to the website

375% increase in goal completions

44% increase in viewed pages per session