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Ready to bring your brand vision to life? Edge Marketing is one of the Gold Coast’s leading digital marketing, web design, and web development teams. Experts in strategising and executing leading web design, we can refresh established business collateral or build your next eCommerce store from the ground up.

Instead of navigating the online marketing landscape alone, our team can support you through the website design process, set up user behaviour and analytics, execute ad campaigns, and measure your success. Dedicating to offering our clients end-to-end services that anchor their market position, Edge Marketing can be your next Gold Coast industry partner that helps you scale up for success.

Web Design: Strategy, Structure, and Execution

Web design and development at Edge Marketing is more than beautifully designed websites and brand collateral. From day one, our digital marketing agency strategises your original concept and designs to align with your vision and optimise your site to drive more traffic and convert. Believing there is a place for data-informed design, we’ve said goodbye to shots in the dark and hello to setting your online presence up for success from day one.Among the tools we use to optimise your site, we rely on:
  • Design:

Website design, graphic design
  • Content:

Copywriters, Content creators
  • Targeted Ads and Optimisation:

SEO analytics, SEM managers
  • Data:

Google AnalyticsAnd more to inform every step of the web design process. Why? Because we’re not interested in another fancy eCommerce site. We’re in the business of breaking through a crowded market place, finding and connecting with new customers, and building your authority status online.
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Supporting Small Business and Big Brands with Website Design

Across the Gold Coast, our website design clients range from solopreneurs to big brands that are interested in building brand awareness and boosting their online presence. Working with existing websites and new businesses who want a head start, we can inherit and reimagine your current website or start from scratch.

Wondering if your business is too small for a digital marketing agency or professional web design? Among the many reasons for setting up a new website as soon as your in business, we always say:

  • More potential customers rely on search engines than ever before to find a solution to their problem
  • Your business can be their solution. With the right positioning and optimisation, your website can be positioned directly in front of potential customers–boosting both lead generation and acting as a funnel for highly relevant clients.
  • The more time your website has to collect meaningful customer data, the better. As a design and data led team, we rely on real-time visitors data and Google Analytics to define and refine your messaging, optimise your site, and make the most of every ad dollar spent. While some clients will begin with a simple landing page, it is never too early to begin collecting, tracking, and measuring real user data.

Further to that, most customers expect a business, product, or service provider to have some online presence. Confirming the level of professionalism, consistency, and validity of new brands, most potential consumers do their own due diligence on businesses (or read real customer reviews) before taking the plunge. This can work in your favour–but it does mean that a website will be critical to validating your brand and connecting with new leads.

If you’re running a business that offers physical products or services that are completed offline, you’re in luck! Anchoring your place online can help build brand awareness and give you a new channel to directly engage with potential or existing customers–even if you take your business offline.

In the business of eCommerce? Check out how Edge Marketing’s skilled designers can help you set up to scale.

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We don’t just work with clients; we build lasting partnerships

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Web Development for eCommerce Brands

New and old, eCommerce is big business—and you have the opportunity to go big by selling online. With more consumers engaging in online retail than ever before, accurately reflecting your brand and products online to connect with customers is crucial to building loyal customers.

Whether you have an existing eCommerce platform or need to set up a new site, our web design team can help you. By planning to grow from day one, our web designers can strategise, design, and action the essentials needed to get your brand live and draft out a plan to expand once the sales start coming in.

By starting how we mean to go on, we create websites that set your business on a path to scale and for your eCommerce website to grow with you. Supporting our clients with end-to-end web design, development, and social media marketing services, our web designers can oversee the ongoing maintenance and development of your site or hand it over to you.

Edge Marketing Gold Coast Digital Services

From digital marketing to graphic design, our online experts span the breadth of digital marketing, website optimisation, and advertising services and have the technical abilities and qualifications to prove it.

A certified Google Partner, we’re a trusted Google Ads campaign provider that stays on top of industry trends, emerging strategies, and leading tools through ongoing training and maintenance programs.

Offering a full service digital agency for businesses who want a long-term relationship with a skilled designers and need ongoing support, our clients rely on Edge Marketing to oversee:

  • Website Development and Design
  • Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Display Network campaigns
  • PPC, AdWords campaigns
  • Search engine optimisation, Search engine marketing
  • Graphic design, content development
  • Facebook marketing, Facebook Ads Manager
  • Email marketing

If you thought we would set up your website and leave you to navigate the online landscape alone, think again! We can work with you based on your projects and services needed as your business grows. Starting off with outstanding brand design and a user-friendly website that connects and converts, we can strategise when and where to spend your budget to get the best ROI.

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Web Design Gold Coast FAQs

Absolutely not! Edge Marketing can work with clients who have existing collateral and want to work through a strategic redesign or new businesses just getting started. While some strategic measures will be taken to dive into what does and what doesn’t work based on existing website customer data, it’s definitely not a requirement for any project.

If you have ideas, mockups, brand boards, or other ‘inspired by’ material that you would like us to review, there will be in-depth discussion with new clients before, during, and after the design process to make sure we bring your vision to life.

Absolutely. We love great design–but we always create high performing websites through data-led design and the same is true for every new website we create.

Designing all websites, Google Ads campaigns, and search engine optimisation projects are created with one purpose in mind–to help your brand find, connect, and convert customers. (And all of your other marketing goals.)

If we’re working together on a web design project, we will organise the backend research, production, and execution of all best practice SEO considerations for your website.

Working with Edge Marketing? Great news–we can help.

If we’re working together on a website design and development project, we can organise the integration between your site and your Google Ads account so you’re ready to start producing ad campaigns. For clients who are working alongside our experts on ongoing optimisation and advertising efforts, we can keep you up-to-date and guide you through the basics of navigating your Google Ad account–before we take care of the rest.

If you want–or we can. Edge Marketing is a full service digital agency who can strategise, design, and execute your next Gold Coast website project before handing it over or organise ongoing support and website management services going forward.

With some of the most common website update and optimisation projects needed going forward, Edge Marketing can support you with:

  • Ongoing SEO, analytics

  • Copy and content development

  • Website projects and expansion–for new pages, products, and services, landing pages

  • eCommerce product page optimisation and expansion

  • Email marketing–connect directly with your site customers both on-and-off the web

Some clients may opt to work on their business in between major web design projects whereas large, established businesses may be ready to outsource their entire web development work. Regardless of your business stage, we can work with you.

How we develop or design your website will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The website intent: is it an eCommerce store, a simple landing page, or something more complex? Website design is about blending form with function and where your website is hosted will vary based on your unique business needs. WordPress is one of the most common solutions for businesses of every size–but we can walk through you custom site needs while onboarding a new website design project.

  • Product or service offering: similar to the above, some digital businesses will require that their website host a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product or link to their hosting platform. While our web design experts excel at function design and creating high performance websites, we don’t currently offer app development services. That said, we’re happy to collaborate with your technical team to ensure the require website elements and pages are included to support their deliverability online.

  • Device use: it’s important to note that every site we develop is designed for multiple device use–from desktops, to tablets, and mobile devices. Our web designers always consider responsive website design that will result in an excellent user experience regardless of how they interact with your brand online.

WordPress, Wix, and SquareSpace are all white label website solutions that many new businesses will turn to when first setting up online. At present, Edge Marketing’s web design team works with WordPress exclusively to design beautiful websites with considered user interface, high functionality, and responsive design for businesses with a Gold Coast website or brand.

Connect with our Web Design Experts on the Gold Coast

Edge Marketing believes in the power of data-informed design and collaboration. Partnering with businesses of every size up and down the Gold Coast, we make great team members for solopreneurs to established brands alike.

Taking every new client through a strategy session that will outline detailed, scalable steps to succeed online, the main objective of every Edge Marketing project is to maximise your presence and achieve the best ROI.

With measurable, transparent strategies that can help you meet your marketing goals, connect with a web designer to walk through our end-to-end services and see how our web design agency can start driving traffic to your new site today.