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Social media marketing is one of the most powerful methods of connecting with existing and new customers.

Edge Marketing - Brisbane's top Social Media Agency.

In the right hands, your company can do more with a Facebook account than you could ever imagine. That is to say, more than just posting company news and sharing the occasional industry article. Good Facebook advertising in Brisbane can help you connect with potential customers in new, thoughtful ways.

To fully take advantage of what social media can offer, you need a skilled Brisbane marketing team. Anyone can run a Facebook account. But with Edge’s Facebook marketing, Brisbane businesses can:

We don’t just work with clients; we build lasting partnerships

You’re in good hands, along with the marketing teams at:
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Why work with a Brisbane Social Media Agency?

Our team at EDGE understands the local landscape better than anyone else. We understand the nuances of Brisbane audiences. We know how to conduct research to learn more about them. We use this knowledge to craft thorough solutions for businesses in any industry.

We start by learning everything there is to know about you and your company. This includes your business philosophy as well as the ins and outs of the services and products you provide. We use this insight to determine your unique social media needs. Then, a social media consultant in Brisbane will work with you to create a custom plan. This plan will connect you with the people who want to find you. And the easier it is for them to find you, the more business you’ll do. It’s that simple.

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Effective management strategies that grow your business

Facebook usage in Australia is growing by the minute. People of every age are logging on each day. They’re seeking out content and brands that appeal to them. Reaching them and developing a long-term relationship is difficult without a social media strategy. This is especially true if you want to target specific demographics in the Brisbane area.

At Edge, we use unique tools and techniques to identify key demographics. From there, we develop multi-layered campaigns that appeal to the people you want to talk to. We take full advantage of the data collected by Facebook. Analysing this data helps us understand what your audience wants and what your competitors are doing. As others in the industry go digital, we can help you take back audience attention and outpace your rivals.

But running a successful social media account takes time. You need that time for other important business operations.

That’s why we do everything for you.

From account creation to complete revamps of a brand’s online presence, we’ll evaluate what you need and put a plan into action. We’re experienced with social media advertising. Our team will help you develop and run a campaign that doesn’t waste a dollar.

Facebook is perhaps the most universal social media platform. But the team at Edge can also help you with Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn marketing. Whichever best suits your needs, we’ll help you get it started and keep it running.

Leading management consultants

EDGE is the leading consultant agency in Brisbane for one very good reason.

We get results.

Long-lasting, concrete results. Results that impact the relationships you have with your customers and, in the end, your bottom line. Results that blow the competition away.

We do this through long-term management of your social media advertising campaigns. The modern Australian sees hundreds of messages each day from brands vying for their attention. A clear, consistent voice among the noise is the most reliable way to attract customer attention and keep it. Through a detailed engagement strategy, we’ll figure out what your customers want to know and give it to them. We’ll do this in a thoughtful and appealing way that’ll help you stand out from other industry voices.

With our competitive rates, the results we deliver are well within your reach. We’ll work with you and your budget to figure out solutions that fit. The success of your business also means the success of Edge. Our detailed management consultations and lasting bonds with clients are the way we prove it.

Searching for a social agency in Brisbane?

It’s never too late to develop a social media marketing plan, especially for a platform as far-reaching as Facebook. Contact us at EDGE today and we’ll start things off right with a free strategy session. Our social media company in Brisbane has the skills to help you grow. So don’t wait any longer!