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The online era is well and truly in full swing, and at EDGE, we continue to pioneer digital marketing services that deliver on this revolution. Helping brands to discover their potential through channels that leverage their brand, our digital marketing Gold Coast team is the first port-of-call for businesses of all walks of life trying to fight for the attention of their target audience.

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It all starts with a killer digital marketing strategy

From web design to social media marketing, content services and powerful Gold Coast SEO or Google Ads, our online marketing team is an expert-driven line up that has scaled with the industry for almost two decades. Delivering high-quality solutions that offer a full-service perspective on any marketing campaign, our digital marketing agency is the difference between all-round success and sub-par results. If you’re struggling to get digital marketing traction on Google, or through PPC options like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, we’re here to help you get started.

Why hire search engine optimisation or digital marketing agency on the Gold Coast?

Having doubled in digital marketing services for plenty of years, our strategists know exactly what it takes to pack a punch online. That means we can grow your business through tried and tested tactics, be it SEO, video marketing, website design or search techniques. No matter the results you’re after, we know how to land them.

The challenge with gaining traction online through digital marketing is that, in order to grow your business, you have to understand how your target market operates through these platforms. Online marketing is a complex world and as techniques – like search engine optimisation – continue to become more complicated, it can be hard to balance all of these much-needed elements.


If you try to tackle your digital marketing strategy alone, it’s likely you’ll lose your target market’s attention to businesses who have invested in a full-service digital marketing agency Gold Coast team that can do it all for them. This frees them up to go about more important matters within their job, leaving them open to secure conversions that are acquired through these digital marketing services. Due to all this, we highly recommend speaking to and online marketing expert or third-party (like our agency Gold Coast team) to get the attention and resources you need to succeed.

Our digital marketing clients trust us to piece together all the essential platforms to give them marketing campaigns that deliver sales, ROI and leads. If you haven’t been able to get SEO to work for your company, or your advertising efforts just aren’t landing any results, it’s time to get the help your business needs.


Before we work together we:

“It’s all about results at the end of the day, it wasn’t just a job for EDGE, they wanted to become an extension of my business”

Troy Sorrensen


How can digital marketing services benefit SEO?

Search engine optimisation never stops evolving. Google changes its algorithms almost daily, and because of this, it’s crucial that you invest in ways your company can keep up with this activity. Our digital marketing Gold Coast agency team has worked hard to keep up with the momentum in the field, examining all of the ways SEO is changing to incorporate all kinds of advertising techniques. Be it website design, social media marketing, video marketing, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads or any other platform, this all ties into the results you get.

So where does a marketing agency come into play?

Well, these professionals are trained and upskilled in all the right areas to leverage them for your company. If one outlet or platforms hasn’t worked so well for your business thus far, people in the field that are well-versed in this space, will know exactly how to use more optimised digital advertising tactics to achieve high-quality results.

For example, we understand that some businesses are looking for digital marketing strategies that get instant traffic and results. Unfortunately, platforms like SEO aren’t suitable for quick-wins, so alternatives like Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), Facebook advertising, Instagram PPC or more tailored services may provide better more rapid leads.

Why choose SEO?

Where SEO flourishes, however, is when a company needs website visitors for the long-run, as well as the ability to drive reputation management to achieve certain marketing goals. Over time, digital advertising tactics like SEO allow websites to collect long-term traffic by climbing up rankings on Google. When a campaign is maintained properly, it leads to results that last, rather than quick-wins that are only beneficial for the short-term. If your brand is looking for a way to drive a long-term strategy to collect more website visitors, sales, leads and brand awareness, SEO is the way to go.

Our case studies speak for themselves.

We know that if one approach doesn’t work for our clients, we need to tailor services that specifically meet their sales goals and needs. A high-quality campaign is the pinnacle of success and our digital marketing services for the Gold Coast are centred around this from start to finish.

How digital marketing can get you more website traffic

If leveraging your business, sales and website traffic is a priority, we highly recommend you contact us on the Gold Coast. We work with businesses of any niche and size. Sometimes, your lack of digital marketing results can be because of aspects you may not necessarily think about. For example, your Google Ads solution may not be aligned with your conversion aspects in your web design services, or your social media marketing may not be benefiting your SEO services. No matter what your business objectives or current strategies are, it’s important that your business utilises a digital marketing agency to ensure you’re not wasting hard-earned budget, resources, services and money.

Here’s how a digital marketing agency on the Gold Coast can help your business collect more visitors to your site.

Your web design needs ongoing maintenance if it’s to engage your audience or get anywhere through SEO and marketing services. Because marketing platforms like Google Ads, social media and SEO all rely on your site’s ability to convert, your business pages will need careful marketing optimisation to ensure everything is aligned.

For example, a technical marketing specialist from a digital marketing agency (like our Gold Coast team) will typically analyse all the ways your business website needs work. This process and audit are done at the start of the marketing journey, ensuring all gaps are highlighted. Then, the tech team will optimise each URL to be ready for all aspects of SEO and social media/PPC campaigns, allowing you to get the best possible result for your marketing.

Skipping this step, or avoiding the help of digital marketing services, means your business may be letting your money slip right down the drain.

Moreover, if you’re not sure if your web design even needs tweaks, we recommend you speak to our digital marketing agency Gold Coast team members to assess whether a refresh is needed. You never know, you could be losing website visitors because those that land on your business page don’t like what you’re serving up on the marketing menu – if you know what we mean. Our marketing expertise and services enable your business to understand how each area of your site is working for your company – no matter the size of it or the type of service you offer. This is a crucial part of any kind of digital marketing agency’s job.

Like all other forms of digital marketing strategies and solutions, one way of advertising online may not work for another business on the Gold Coast. This is where A/B testing becomes so important. You may not know where you’ll get results from, and having expertise in this area means your business can gain insights around campaigns that will garner traction instead.

Throughout this process, we piece together how all kinds of tactics may influence your results – be it Facebook advertising, SEO on search engines like Google, engaging other websites or utilising social platforms and solutions like Instagram. We assess each of these, testing different kinds of variations to see which format or campaign tracks best. From there, we can replicate the success, so our Gold Coast clients can spend less time worrying about what marketing excels, and actually experience it instead.

Website traffic comes from maintenance on any type of marketing campaign. For example, Instagram marketing needs consistent tweaks to ensure the strategy remains on track, utilising the best possible bid on clicks. Meanwhile, SEO marketing requires full-time resources to ensure Google and its algorithms aren’t mixing up rankings. Our digital marketing agency and services on the Gold Coast address these elements, ensuring any kind of marketing campaign is always on the path to sales success.

Your web design needs to appeal to mobile devices along the Gold Coast. This is paramount to rankings on Google and sales/conversions across all kinds of digital marketing services. Our digital marketing agency on the Gold Coast can drive this for you, ensuring your desktop site translates into optimised mobile solutions that nurture and support your prospective clients, people and customers.

As we said above, SEO never stops, even on the Gold Coast. That means the keywords you use to get traction for your company, marketing and websites rely on updating your keyword strategy. Our Gold Coast service customers don’t rely on the same keywords forever; they mix and match what they search for, and your leads will come from various enquiries. A quality digital marketing agency on the Gold Coast knows how to adopt a full-service campaign to ensure this part isn’t skimped out on. Its’s crucial that your websites are given the time and attention they need to assess everything on the menu – from the keywords that have worked well, to rising trends and those that have hindered the service or campaign.

Website traffic can be easily garnered across the Gold Coast through PPC marketing campaigns on the likes of Google or social media platforms. The challenge, however, is that businesses don’t all get the same results or wins. While this marketing tactic may work well for one company, other marketing platforms may track better. We get to know your business at the start, as well as all historical efforts, so we can understand whether leads are likely to be received through a marketing service like Google Ads, or whether SEO Gold Coast is a better way to go. Alternatively, other marketing platforms – like video, Facebook organic strategies or content marketing – may be a better way to go. This is something we always look into when seeing if your customers are resonating with your marketing efforts and sales journey.


A big part of successful digital marketing services on the Gold Coast comes from quality content. For those that aren’t marketing experts, this can be challenging, because you have to know exactly what customers want to read and listen to – be it in video marketing or written blog posts – in order to engage with your business. As time progresses, customers are giving less and less attention to length content, so it’s important to balance this with value. meanwhile, Google favours longer content. So how exactly do you know what road to take for your marketing?

Helping businesses and customers across the Gold Coast, we use our digital marketing services to create a tangible, quality-driven strategy that incorporates the best approach. You’ll even see that we utilise this for our Gold Coast brand and sales journey ourselves, where our customers can see how our office on the Gold Coast operates through our vibrant social media content or videos. It’s all about assessing if your customers see you as ‘people’. No one likes a robot and customers don’t engage with those that lack reliability and value. Moreover, they won’t speak to sales teams if that’s all you’re willing to give them: a hard-sell.


you can hear our difference for yourself when you contact our Gold Coast team and speak to our people. We take pride in the unique approach we have for our digital marketing services, and we’re more than happy to discuss this respectively with any business on the Gold Coast. Phone us to get the ball rolling.

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If you’re looking for a digital marketing service that helps your sales and company, the first step is picking up the phone and choosing to contact us. Alternatively, check out our case studies to see how we have helped people just like you, all around the Gold Coast. Finding quality digital marketing services doesn’t have to be hard; we’re here to help.

Get in touch with our experts now to see how we can provide your brand with more value and support. We’re always more than happy to discuss your needs and objectives. We will also ensure you understand all the options available to your company, giving you everything you need to make an informed decision. All it takes is a call to our friendly, experienced experts!