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New Centre Builds

Brand new childcare centres must open their doors with energy and momentum. In most cases, you need to begin your marketing at least 6 months prior during construction.

Existing Centres

Many childcare centres reach an occupancy ceiling of 80% and struggle to grow beyond that. It’s all about finding the enrolment gaps and lifting the tail.

Broken Centres

Sometimes it is impossible to recover and move on from reputation challenges that have existed in the past. In a lot of these cases, it’s time to reinvent your centre.

If you are not at over 100% occupancy, it's time to rethink.

We have been working in the child care sector for over 20 years and we haven’t just witnessed the industry’s change, but have been an integral part of childcare’s evolution.

EDGE has successfully transformed hundreds of childcare centres across Australia with smart campaigns and marketing automation strategies. What drives occupancy today is a completely different approach to what was successful only a short few years ago. New prospective parents are smart digital consumers and are engaged daily in modern technology that connects them with more information than ever before.

EDGE has a number of modern occupancy marketing strategies working with start-ups at pre-construction phase, existing centres with unique occupancy challenges in specific rooms, and broken centres that require a complete reinvention.

Whatever your marketing automation challenges are, rest assured that we have overcome your exact challenges with many other centres with similar marketing and occupancy goals.

In your FREE Childcare Marketing Audit we'll cover:

Within your Childcare Occupancy Audit we will create a strategic roadmap designed to increase your exposure, produce quality content that attracts potential customers and new leads, and enrol more children.

You will have some very powerful insights into where your growth opportunities are and feel much more empowered and educated about how you should be investing your time and money on your website and advertising.

This Childcare Occupancy Audit is completely no-obligation. You can either:

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Smart marketing for child care services

When your early learning centres are performing well in all rooms, but one is struggling, it can bring your overall occupancy considerably down. This was exactly the case with our new start-up childcare partner that we took to market. After deep diving into their target audience and existing customers, we designed a complete marketing automation strategy that supported the child care centre from construction and pre-opening enrolment through to launch. The result? An occupancy strategy that filled the gaps.

What our client had to say

“Over the last month or so, our Kindergarten enquiries and enrolments have been increased immensely. We are now looking into 2 Kindergarten programs as we have a waiting list of about 12 children for Kindergarten. All of our Pre Kindy children are staying for Kindy next year and this room is full. We have 17 children that need to go to Kindergarten next year and due to Pre-Kindy being full, we cannot move them into Pre-Kindy at the present time”

Mary – Centre Director

Don’t allow procrastination to affect your child care centre. Market and connect with potential customers now!

Common FAQs about Childcare Centre Marketing

Marketing for childcare services means leveraging the best digital marketing strategies, platforms, and tools to promote your business online. By understanding the best practices of the online landscape, the right team will be able to target parents, families, and guardians and run child care marketing campaigns that connect your business with your ideal audience.

Digital marketing is a fantastic way to increase your businesses brand awareness and automate incoming traffic of parents and families who are interested in your child care. We appreciate that you specialise in supportive, nurturing childcare services–so our digital marketing team can focus on bringing traffic to your business without you having to run campaigns online.

We suspect that your early childcare program is a localised service–meaning, you want to market and connect with local families and prospective parents looking for nearby child care providers. Relying on 20+ years of experience and best practices in the digital marketing space, we use tailored campaign tactics to position your business in front of the right audience online.

The most effective child care marketing tools are the ones that help you find where your target audience is online and then create campaigns that display ads, graphics, and messaging that resonate with the same. In the parent and family space, many childcare service providers will opt to advertise on Google to ensure their business is one of the first local results that shows on the Google search results pages. Further to that, platforms like Google Adwords (Google Ads) can follow and display highly relevant leads to your child care business at the right time in the right locations is another great way to market your child care centre online.

You should market your daycare where you know you’ll find the parents, guardians, and audience members looking for your exact service. If you offer highly location-specific child care services, we recommend targeting leads in that designated geographic area–fortunately, you can define the parameters of your Facebook or digital marketing campaign to ensure users shown your ads are in the right place.