Is your website performance leaving you feeling flat?

Set your business up for success with a site designed to convert like crazy.

Walk before you can run

Your website is your business’s most important piece of marketing collateral. It doesn’t matter how potent your digital marketing strategy is or how incredible your Google rankings are if your website provides a poor user experience to your clients.

When you work with EDGE, your web presence is our first priority. We’ll assess your site to see:

We don’t just work with clients; we build lasting partnerships

You’re in good hands, along with the marketing teams at:
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Covert more website visitors into customers

If you suspect that a number of your visitors are leaving without enquiring, then it’s time to take action. Work with the team at EDGE to ensure no ready-to-buy customers are slipping through the cracks due to poor website design.

Boost your conversion rate with clever and on-brand design

We kick off every website conversation by talking about performance. After all, if your website isn’t designed to make sales, then it’s letting you down. We’ll work out the maths and figure out how many website visitors you currently need to attract in order to make a sale. From there, we’ll run you through exactly how much easier it could be to make sales by increasing your conversion rates.

From there, we’ll get to work designing you a site that shows off your brand and clearly communicates your messaging. You’ll notice a clear path to conversion — whether it’s to purchase a product or make an enquiry — from every page. Our focus is always on improving your conversion rates so that we can boost your business profitability without needing to drastically increase your website traffic.

Ready to light a fire under your digital marketing strategy?

Before you choose to work with us, it’s important that you understand how we work and the value you’ll see from our partnership. As one of Australia’s best digital agencies, we’re generous with our knowledge and are more than happy to point you in the right direction for online marketing success.

There’s no obligation to work with us after this chat, and we’re confident you’ll walk away with a solid understanding of:

Case study: how website conversion rates directly affect profits

By simply increasing our client’s conversion rates, they made an additional $200,000 profit in one year.

Result: over 12 months, we saw a $216,000 profit increase simply by optimising their website for higher conversions.

A combination of science and art

As one of Australia’s leading digital marketing companies, EDGE designs and develops powerful websites that are built to perform. Our strategies are based on a complex blend of on-page influencing strategies that engage, funnel and convert on-page visitors into profits.

A successful website is equally about design aesthetics as what it is conversion strategies. At Edge we work on precise funnelling techniques that influence how visitors interact with your website and ultimately convert into sales or enquiries. We focus on defining what your website conversion goals are and reverse engineer the content so that it has a direct effect on how visitors interact and ultimately flow through your website. Better still we can track each and every visitor to your site through to conversion and provide you with unprecedented intelligence that we use to make informed recommendations on how to improve your website’s performance in generating business. With real statistical intelligence our goal is to make not only your website, but your entire digital marketing strategy a real success for your business.

Edge uses best industry practices in website development including coding in a CSS, HTML and PHP environment to communicate effectively with search engines. The luxury of a custom built website gives you full flexibility for future add-ons and changes without having to rebuild the entire system again to accommodate new features.

Edge develops website strategies that incorporate specific on-page cues that influence the behaviour of visitors to take a series of specific actions. By doing so, we have the power to influence how a visitor interacts with your website and ultimately converts into a sale or enquiry. We call this the funnelling effect and we use this technique for our clients every day.

By understanding what your website conversion goals are, we can manipulate the content on your website so that it has a direct effect on how visitors flow through your site. Better still we can track each and every visitor to your site and provide you with unprecedented intelligence that you can use to make informed decisions on how to improve your conversion ratios.

Here are some of the things that we can track to help you understand and improve your website strategies:

  • How a visitor found your website. E.g. Google search, online advertising, Facebook, site referrals, direct by typing in your website address, name etc.
  • If they found your site via digital advertising, what keywords they typed in to find you and what keywords are most profitable.
  • Not all keywords are equal and we can track which keywords are converting (profitable) keywords and which are simply costing you money.

If your website is to be as successful as it can be, you must engage in a process of continual review and improvement. By understanding exactly how your visitors are interacting with your website, we remove the guesswork with real statistical intelligence to make not only your website, but your entire digital marketing strategy as profitable and successful as it can be.

Edge provides Advanced Analytics reporting, analysis and website recommendations to all clients that are engaged in one of Edge’s digital marketing services such as SEO, PPC and remarketing campaigns.

Ready to get started with an EDGE website?

The best place to start is by booking a chat with one of our friendly EDGE team members. We can show you some examples of our work, and audit your current website to see how it’s performing.