White label SEO resellers

Grow your agency and increase profits with a new automated revenue stream where we do all the heavy lifting for you and you take all the glory for the results we achieve.


Partner with Australia's leading white label SEO provider.

A strong SEO service provides agencies with an automated monthly income with results that will take your client relationships to a whole new level.

Edge’s white labelled SEO makes us completely invisible to your clients. We do all the hard work and you make the money.

Our SEO experience and ranking guarantees make our white label SEO services the most superior to any other in the market.

We were once where you are now

My name is Dan Hunjas, founder of Edge Marketing. Edge is a digital marketing agency that has been providing modern marketing to our Australian businesses for over 15 years. Now we are reaching out to partner with agency owners and website developers to offer our Powerful SEO services at a wholesale rate, completely invisible to your clients in a branded white labelled solution where your company takes all the glory.

If you’re not currently offering SEO as a service to your clients, this is the perfect opportunity to add an instant additional revenue stream to your business with performance guarantees in place that ensure that both you and your clients are very happy.

If you’re an agency that already offers SEO whether it be in-house or reselling, this is even a better opportunity for you to take your client’s results to the next level.

I truly believe that there’s no one better in Australia to offer this reseller service to you. It was only a few years ago that we were in your shoes, reselling an SEO service to our clients. In fact, we were the largest reseller agency in all of Australia, reselling the country’s largest SEO Company’s white labelled SEO.

Since taking our SEO in-house, we have assembled a team of Australia’s best SEO specialists that guarantee ranking results or you pay absolutely nothing.

Well, that’s enough from me. If you have clients, we want to work with you so please pick up the phone or send an email and let’s take your agency to the next level.

Dan Hunjas

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Dan Hunjas

An EDGE for your agency

Ranking dashboard branded to your Agency.

EDGE have invested thousands of dollars in providing you and your clients with a real-time live reporting platform that you can log into and review your results at any time, anywhere. We will walk you through the easy to use system so that you are an expert when running through the results with your clients.

Our specialists are your mentors

By partnering with EDGE, you will have access to our elite SEO professionals to assist you at every stage. Whether it is coaching on how to sell SEO, managing client expectations, or getting your head around reporting and maximising future sales, you will have direct access to our team of SEO elites that will guide you every step of the way.

First page results or pay nothing

The biggest barrier to entry in SEO is the fear of paying for something that doesn’t yield results. We offer you the same guarantees and ranking milestones that we offer to our own clients. This is our way of saying that you have nothing to worry about.

Why Resell SEO?

We do all the heavy lifting

Take it from us, SEO can be an absolute headache when it comes to the ever-changing algorithms and SEO strategies that must go with it. What ranks well today can easily be belted down the rankings with one swift Google update. By partnering with Edge, you’re leaving all the heavy lifting and potential headaches to us so that you can continue to focus on what you do best and maintain your own client relationships.

We are well experienced in dealing with the ever-shifting goal posts and in most cases when there has been an algorithm update, our websites have benefited as a result of our clean SEO strategies whilst poorly managed SEO websites are penalised.

Our team is your team

By partnering with Edge, you have instantly scaled your team with the addition or our team now at your fingertips. The investment in setting up an internal SEO team runs into hundreds of thousands of dollars and you have just done it in an instant with all of the years of experience and resources that come with it.

Our SEO specialists come with many years of industry experience and will mentor you through the areas of SEO that need assistance with to become an expert in explaining the fundamentals of SEO in your own right.

Transparency is of highest importance to us. Your dedicated account managers will provide you with expert analysis and recommendations with complete honesty and integrity.

Custom branded reporting platform

As an EDGE SEO reseller, you and your clients (if you choose to give them access) will have live real-time access to detailed rank reporting at the click of a mouse. Complete ranking transparency 24-7.

You can set up detailed reports and recommendations at any time as well as schedule automated regular rank reports to generate and be sent on your behalf, all branded to your company.

Grow your business and increase profits

We all understand that regular, repeated monthly revenue generators are the holy grail in our industry. It provides confidence and financial stability that a project based model simply cannot. We have the SEO smarts and you have your clients, so a partnership with you makes perfect business sense.

We have a pricing model that will allow you to talk confidently with your clients and we have guarantees in place that take away any form of risk for you and your clients.

In a very short period of time you can add a completely new revenue stream that can turn into 6 figure + returns for your business.

Already reselling SEO through someone else? Great – We’ll pay for the first date!

Have an SEO campaign that’s not performing to your liking? Here’s an offer too good to refuse – Let us give your client campaign the expertise and energy it needs to get it moving at no cost to you for the first 3 months. If you like what you see, let’s then make a commitment to each other where you can migrate your SEO clients across to us under our white label wholesale agreement, with assurance that we can and will deliver on results.

Ready to switch SEO providers?

We'll take care of all the hard work and migration in these easy steps

Review your current campaigns performance and packages

Migrate your client across to your new white labelled platform

Grow your client rankings and increase profits for your business

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