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Google Ads are the fastest way to attract prospects who are ready to buy directly to your website
Need fast, measurable results to give your business a competitive edge? We design our Google Ads campaigns to provide exceptional returns on investment while building your brand online.

Eliminate wasted SEM budget

It’s true – Google Ads is a tried and tested method for attracting eager customers directly to your website. However, it can be expensive to run an Ads campaign, particularly if you’re in a competitive industry (and, spoiler alert: the majority of our clients operate in very competitive industries). You’re bidding against your best competitors for every single click, and without constant management and optimisation, those careless clicks add up to a huge marketing bill each month.

When you work with EDGE, our experts write personality-packed ad copy, designed to show up at the right time, to the right customers. Our process uses artificial intelligence tools that provide powerful insights to drive your costs down and your profits up.

We don’t just work with clients; we build lasting partnerships

You’re in good hands, along with the marketing teams at:
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Show up at the exact moment your prospects need your services

At EDGE, we don’t take a scattershot approach to any of our digital marketing strategies — Google Ads included. Instead, we research the top-performing queries for your business when we decide where to allocate budget. While many agencies stop there, we take an alternative approach to Ad campaign management.

We look at the intent of every search query and only bid on those that indicate the searcher is at the point of purchase or enquiry. In other words, you’ll only be allocating money to search queries that have a high chance of converting into a sale or enquiry.

This strategic approach results in:

The Google Ads agency you need

If you’re unhappy with your current Google Ads results, we’re here to support you. Our team has been a trusted Google Partner since 2002. This partnership gives us access to specialised training, support and resources directly from Google and allows us to set your business up for success from the start.

Advertising on Google Ads is a non-negotiable for most industries, as it’s one of the best ways to increase your reach across the country and beyond. Our team uses our specialised expertise and decades of experience working in the Google Ads platform to deliver the best possible results for your budget.

As a full-service digital agency, we integrate your Google Ads with your other online marketing activities. We never allow your paid traffic to cannibalise your organic traffic, making you pay for clicks that you otherwise would have earned for free. We always take an integrated approach to your marketing, ensuring that all of your channels work together to provide you with the best possible results.

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Ready to light a fire under your digital marketing strategy?

Before you choose to work with us, it’s important that you understand how we work and the value you’ll see from our partnership. As one of Australia’s best digital agencies, we’re generous with our knowledge and are more than happy to point you in the right direction for online marketing success.

There’s no obligation to work with us after this chat, and we’re confident you’ll walk away with a solid understanding of:

Dynamic Google Ads campaigns, packed with your brand personality

Managing your company’s Ads is easier than ever when you partner with our reputable Google Ads agency. As leaders in the industry, our digital marketing agency carries a solid understanding of Google Ads (previously known as Google Adwords) and the fundamentals of search engine marketing. Kick things off with our pay-per-click (PPC) management services and search advertising that’s handled by our team of specialists. Find out more about how EDGE is managing your Google Ads campaigns by reading our FAQs.

Pushing your business content to the top of Google’s results is not a simple task, but it’s relatively easy to explain when you know the process both inside and out. There are key techniques that an ads agency will use to create the perfect cocktail for optimising clickthrough and maximising your digital marketing budget.

These areas form the foundations of our Google Ads agency expertise, so let’s get down to business and explain what each of these techniques entail. 

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is a platform designed to promote your products and services in front of those searching for businesses like yours. When keyword research is conducted correctly by your PPC Google Ads management expert, you’ll end up with visitors landing on your site from your ads.

Killer campaigns are created with a plethora of techniques involved, all aimed at optimising your ads for maximum click-throughs to your website URL. When Google Ads are done properly, you experience more traffic, a higher conversion rate and better visibility for search term(s) that relate to your brand. In turn, you get more sales – and we all know ROI is the bottom line.

However, a company that deems itself an expert in Google Ads management (like us), will know what it takes to ensure PPC campaigns like this are on track to reel in traffic and sales. For example, they’ll use the following tactics to ensure the PPC campaign is cost-effective and consistent – two of the biggest benefits of using this platform in the first place.

  • Relevancy: Search ads need to be relevant to your keywords and ad copy, which then appeal to certain users looking through search results.
  • Quality score: This score is effectively a rating you get from Google around the quality of your ads and the content within them. If your campaign hasn’t been given the love it needs, your score will be low and you’ll end up paying a premium.
  • Bids: For the best results financially, you need to set a competitive bid that also balances the budget and your conversion rate. This is where you’ll need to take competition into consideration, in order to get the traffic over their own site.
  • Keyword research: Google Ads management is dominated by quality and strategy keyword research. A top-notch agency will know how to conduct this properly.
  • Real-time monitoring: Using all analytics offered in your campaigns, agencies can look at how your website is performing and evaluate whether to shift your Google Ads campaign or not. By tweaking it when it needs further optimisation, you’re giving your brand the best possible chance at maximum results. This is also something that SEO does, and an account manager of either solution will have their eyes on all of these elements.

Confused? We know there is a lot to understand about Google Ads and how a Google Ads agency can help handle all of these details for your business. If you’d like us to guide you through the process further, we encourage you to get in touch with our agency team.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the natural way to boost organic rankings on Google, mostly by implementing certain technical techniques on your website and improving keyword placement throughout your content.

As partners to businesses looking for advertising campaigns that last the long term, we recommend SEO when you’re able to invest time into your efforts. If you’re after instant wins in search results, display advertising and PPC services – like Google Ads management – is the better choice.

Because you pay for each click you receive (hence PPC), Google AdWords is considered a paid form of search advertising. Ads management also lets you fluctuate and manage your spend in a way that gives you more control than SEO. Moreover, your ads agency can tie your campaign into Google Shopping for maximum exposure on all of your ads across Google.

There are a number of complex strategies which a digital marketing agency can use to ensure your business lands on top of search results through Google AdWords. This means you can literally land there overnight (seriously!),I if your chosen AdWords management team have optimised your campaign accordingly.

A PPC form of advertising is exactly what it sounds like. Depending on the number of clicks you receive through your business Google ads to your website, you’ll pay a specific amount relevant to that – i.e you only pay for the clicks you receive.

We also offer a significant number of associated services and bonus extras to accommodate remarketing ads like this, such as Google Shopping ad creation (including graphic design, video, photo and text for banners and more), collaboration and adaptation of your brand identity and ongoing marketing strategy. We can also ensure your landing page is ready to convert or build where needed

Intrigued? Read on to hear more.

Our incredible ads management team have combined decades of experience as SEO copywriters, marketing mavens, and Google gurus. We’ve trained for years to offer the highest quality services to ensure your company’s growth through the employment of Google Ads and associated digital marketing tools. Our inboxes are always open if you’re interested in talking specifics – after all, we live on the Internet, but if you aren’t convinced yet, keep reading to hear what we bring to our incredible clientele across Australia.

We fully understand how complex advertising campaigns like Google Ads can seem, so a key tenet of our process is ensuring that we do the technical things and you get to sit back and relax (once you’ve told us what you’re hoping to achieve). We’ll take you to the top with our full range of services, and we’re happy to onboard your digital marketing team to ensure the complete integration of our collective marketing expertise. 

Read on to hear our story, and how we go to being a top tier Google Ads management agency.

According to all the requirements and regulations we’ve discussed thus far, I think it’s safe to say that Google is not the most straightforward marketing tool for ‘newbies’ to use. 

Even after years in the industry, it can be challenging to hack the ultimate goal: that is, the Google Partner Program with its level of ranking and high demands for advertising excellence. Achieving that partner status is the final stage in toppling the Google ads environment in your respective field/industry, and we’ve done it! Let us explain how this status makes us different.

This award, or as the experts call it ‘badge’, is limited to agencies with a wide and varied portfolio of clients and almost faultless results, such as high click-through rates and international exposure.

Partner agencies must have client base growth that is linear and consistent, rather than exponentially achieved by bots or by overly saturating content with keywords. This strategy ensures that Partner agencies are held accountable both to Google (with their spending requirements) and their clientele (through providing optimal profit margins and ever-increasing reach).

All of these factors contribute to why we’re a great partner for top-tier clients (and maybe even you!)

Working with a Google Partner for your Google Ads management needs and more is not just a recommendation — it’s a requirement. In order to operate under the Google Partner program, Google ensures that your agency’s basic contact details and key information, provided through your company profile is legitimate and legal — so you know we’re the real deal.

We’re set up with Google Ads specialists

In order to get going with Google Partners, it’s essential to have the team to take you to the top. We do — with in-house ad writers, Google Ads management experts and designers ready to get set and go with your business’s specific PPC needs, paired with our decades of expertise.

Money, money, money

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you clicks. Part of becoming a Partner and leading ads agency in the field is dependent on spending at least 10,000 USD in your first 90-days in the program. Of course, this wasn’t just our money — it was our incredible clients’ investment in us as well. No biggie, but becoming a Partner requires even more than that initial outlay.

We dominate our competition so that you can do the same

Out-performing a field of hungry competitors is essential to staying at the top of this ever-evolving game. We’ve been battling against competitors for years now, allowing us to translate those learnings into effective Google Ads management for our clients.

We now take on clients large and small. No matter the size of your business, or your industry, PPC and Google Ads management is becoming ever more important than ever. We’re here to help you get ahead of other businesses in your field, directly through PPC that’s designed to succeed.

Pay-per-click campaigns are essential to remaining in control of your digital marketing team and our work for your business. Whether you’re considering a promotion via banner ad, opening a new location or a special deal, using Google Ads is a fundamental part of marketing in the modern age. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective one that keeps you on top of your marketing budget at all times.

The two key metrics we use to determine the success of pay-per-click marketing are conversion and traffic. Don’t know what those are? That’s fine too. We’ve got you covered with a full explanation ahead.

What does conversion mean?

Conversion is a word used in digital marketing to describe the change of heart or mind which occurs with your prospect, resulting in the change from a simple site visitor to a potential customer. Conversion also describes desired actions that are performed by a visitor to your site – like filling in a contact form or clicking the call button.

It can also mean actions like sales or subscriptions to your newsletter, visiting internally linked pages (hopping from “shirts” to “trousers” category pages for example), other forms of communication or increasing following on social media.

Conversions are essential to your website’s success because it’s these actions that directly lead to profitability. These micro-decisions show the real power of the click in psychologically transforming the landscape of a website in the mind of a potential customer.

How we help maximise your Google Ads conversions

Part of the services which we provide – and recommend as essential to all businesses – is to track your conversions. As your Google Ads management agency, we will do this anyway, taking all necessary data to make profitable decisions for your campaign.

What this means is tracking which particular actions potential clients take on various pages, which demonstrates to you (and to us) what kind of content best works for your target audience. Is it that cute photo of a bunny on your landing page, or compelling ad copy that lets them know about your special offer?

We know what works… but finding what works for your business is an ongoing, shared process. That means it’s important to have a Google Ads management agency always keeping tabs on your campaign at all times.

Why does website traffic matter to my business?

Website traffic is critical to your business’s success. The original choice to visit your website, among the hundreds of others that offer similar services worldwide, lets Google know that you’re worth the time and effort.

This ability of your website to stand out – as generated by the use of keywords and engaging content (both textual and visual)- is the best way to generate sales. From there, you can establish yourself as a leading brand in whatever industry you should choose.

Whether gained through Google Ads or SEO, website traffic is essential to the success of your brand online and overall marketing approach. As an agency, we produce a high ROI for our clients, but it all begins at that first point of exposure – before conversions and clickthroughs can occur. 

An ads agency is instrumental in making your business stand out from the crowd. Relax and watch as our team’s operations create your connections with easily convertible customers beyond your current target audience. The Google AdWords management structure and constant management is a complicated system, but we make this service simple through the PPC structure.

Rather than concerning yourself or your in-house marketing team with learning the complexities of Google Ads’ ever-shifting algorithm, we bring you our expertise and experience to do the hard work for you.

This approach combines not only the most cost-effective way to manage your Google Ads management and campaign going forward, but it also provides instrumental data. This information is fundamental to the creation of specific services that are best for your business and to the ongoing research and development of our marketing expertise.

We firmly believe in ongoing vigilance and adaptation to changes in the market — and that’s why our agency of Australian Google AdWords experts is the best choice in terms of return on your investment (ROI) and time management. We aim for the best and fastest results for all of our clients from the messaging to the (hopefully inevitable) purchase of your goods and services.

Our strategies start at the level of content and messaging, taking what your brand stands for and building the best website around it. Through this collaborative approach and our experience at adapting to the tone and needs of firms across a whole variety of sectors, we can ensure that your clicks are linked directly to sales as the results.

We’ve developed industry-leading expertise across our years of experience to eliminate time-wasting and optimise earnings for our clients. By creating a niche and elevating your brand positioning using Google’s algorithmic tools, we attract a target audience without misdirected consumers.

Our Google Ads management team is also constantly on the go to develop both organic and technological tools to market your message to the emotions and needs of future customers. From intelligent and engaging sales copy, we can help your business dominate other businesses in the field, powering up your campaign to hit the top of search results.

Using other platforms in tandem with your Google Ads

In addition to offering high-quality Google Ads management and content creation services, our position as a Google partner puts us at the top of the game for integrating marketing strategies in a whole host of platforms adjacent to the Google network.

Everyone knows that having a brand position on multiple platforms – whether it be on Facebook or other social media – is essential to a company’s success in 2021. This is why we offer solutions across multiple channels to ensure you are seen when it matters most. From SEO through to content marketing, social media outlets and beyond – we give you the best of every online world.

This element of our digital marketing strategy is an expansion of our general plan for Google Ads. A campaign on Google Shopping puts your goods and services under the Shopping tab of Google’s search engine results, easily placing your marketable offerings as ‘product listings’ for future customers, resulting in the highest possible levels of clicks with a high level of returns.

This service is a phenomenal way to push not only your messaging but also result in high sales for your brand, due to the presentation of an easy and straightforward click to buy pathway. 

Under the Google Shopping tab, our clients have their goods placed at the top of competitors’ listings so there is a seamless browsing and buying experience. This feature is a fundamental part of a high-quality approach for online retail and is the place to put targeted ads for customers with credit cards in hand.

Google Display advertising

Google Ads placed on the Display Network of Google gives you even more exposure across the wider internet, far beyond just search results or your landing page.

This term is used in digital marketing to describe those banner ads you’ll have seen pop up on advertising-supported websites that you use every day. This network reaches over 2 million sites and 95% of Internet users worldwide, meaning that you’ll have the opportunity to fully expand your business in the direction you want.

While the Google Display Network focuses on just that – search – with content creation and strategy focused on answering the demands of target individuals’ searches, the Display Network works by creating a culture of exposure for your products. This environment spans news websites, social media, blogs and most other active websites which are not e-commerce focused. Those banners or boxes which you can spot ubiquitously are all display ads.

The Google Display Network (or GDN) is considered a passive form of advertising, rather like online billboards or magazine advertisements. They pop up in our daily lives encouraging us to make purchases of all kinds of products, even when we’re not thinking about shopping. That’s why inserting your product into the GDN through ads is so critical, as it leads to high rates of browsing and click-through (especially for impulse purchases).

Google’s algorithms, which our in-house experts have fully mastered, also tailor each user’s individual display ads through to data collection and mining, meaning that if a user has been looking for similar products or adjacent queries using the Google Search Network (GSN), then your banner ads will be showing up on sites they use within no time.

Remarketing – what is it and why do we do it?

There are also other specific strategies that our Google Ads agency can use to ensure visitors to your site follow through with their purchases. This is typically done by having your ads shown directly to them after engaging with your site and showing interest. This is known as remarketing, and your account manager at our agency will recommend this to you if it aligns with your business Google Ads objectives.

Remarketing has a higher click-to-purchase ratio than the already high rates created by the GDN. This is because we can use cookies on your website to ensure that former visitors become customers (and former customers become returning customers), and so forth.

These individuals already have your brand positioned within their head as purporting a necessary or ideal product, and the reinforcement of ads leads them to return to the site to complete what they left in their cart or what they’re fantasising about. 

This technique lowers your CPA and heightens engagement without any cost to you — it’s just smart digital marketing, and it’s what we do best!

Multi-format ads

Adapting content using high-quality visuals and text is essential to accommodating our ever-shifting digital environment. As part of our Google Ads management strategy, we make sure that your ads on the GDN or remarketing are adaptable to be embedded on every website — regardless of formatting or medium-specific concerns. 

Image-based ads are always going to produce a higher clickthrough rate, but having compelling text also results in greater brand messaging. We make it our mission to form a killer combo of the two.

Placement is potential

Part of our job is to make sure that the placement of your ads are on websites where people have stopped for a moment to read or browse, but when they’re able to be distracted. Placing digital ads on a competitor’s website, for example, can be an intelligent strategy for some, but we also know that some sites people will visit without any intention to click through (for example, calendar or weather-based tools).

As a Google Ads agency, we ensure this is a collaborative step in the process. We want to make sure that your ads are put in the limelight with the best clickthrough possible.

This is another of Google’s great tools to ensure that you’re connected to the best possible market for your products. Local ads will present your business – as a shopfront or an ecommerce – as a solution to local customers in their required service area. This is particularly useful in local SEO campaigns, and your ads agency will recommend this to you if it’s suitable.

This means that you’re likely to see an ROI both in-store and online, with greater engagement from individuals you ship to in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond. Making sure that there is a good match between you, the advertiser, and your area is critical to developing consumers who keep coming back for more.

How to run a successful Google Ads campaign

Google’s Ad network is a diverse and evolving environment. For this reason, you need a team of experts to stay on top of all of the changes and updates that can have drastic effects on your campaign. As an agency, it’s our responsibility to provide you with guidance on how to best market your business in a digital economy. We take pride in providing you with a range of Google Ads services – from campaign setup to optimisation and reporting.

We take a collaborative approach to Google Ads campaign management, assuming command (if that’s what you’d like!) or providing you with a modular approach, working in tandem with your tech teams. You’re the expert on your business; we’re the experts when it comes to Ads. Let’s work together and earn clicks that turn into high-paying customers.

Want a return on your marketing investment?

Forget TV, Radio and Newspaper

Forget TV, radio and newspaper! Instead, use digital channels to hone in on your best prospects by location, age, gender, background and interests. Combine this targeting with social triggers that put your brand in front of your ideal customers at the exact time they’re making a purchasing decision.

We’re here to help you launch your Google Ads campaign

We’re with you on this journey from beginning to end – from first exposure to conversion – and we’re always happy to adapt as your business evolves and grows. Get started now by giving our Google Ads agency a call, or shooting us an email. We can help you to understand the benefits of running PPC advertising, allowing you to get the most out of search ads.