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Today’s online world is a competitive one, and when it comes to doing business in a landscape full of noise, sometimes it can be hard to be heard. Utilising state-of-the-art Google Shopping services, our digital marketing team ensures you keep on track to positive ROI, generating revenue for your ecommerce store.

Why invest in Google Shopping?

Enjoy a Google Shopping campaign that positions you on top of search results, giving you the exposure you need to sell your products. Let’s get your Google Ads up and running now to experience:

Google Shopping

Land more visibility now

Sit your product feed on top of Google, leaving your marketplace on top of the world. Complete with a dedicated account manager behind your Google Shopping campaign, you’ll experience bigger and better brand awareness than ever before, and more customers completing sales towards your product offering. Simple.

So what is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is one of the most powerful ways to leverage leads and conversions online in today’s climate.

Unlike SEO, this form of digital marketing relates directly to Google Ads by placing your product feed on the first page of search results.

This is done by utilising the platform’s network that allows you to bid on a set budget amount, placing your products in front of eyes when customers search for a product like yours.

So why utilise Google Shopping ads right now?

Well, Google Shopping currently contributes more than 76.4% of retail search ad spend, showing how much ecommerce businesses are relying on this service from Google’s digital marketing suite to get sales.

How it all works

The platform essential works by ensuring your products are seen in all the right ways, directly to those searching for similar ones. In the end, they drive quality leads straight to your ecommerce store, cutting out any potential for the customer to stray away in the process. They’re given all information straight up, increasing the probability of conversion, too.

Know how your ads are affecting ROI

Additionally, you can see how your ads have performed by using the suite’s nifty analytical features. Thanks to the comprehensive data you get, you can then use these across other marketing tactics – like Google Ads, PPC and SEO.

It also gives agencies the ability to see what has worked to date and where to direct the campaign’s focus moving forward. This is incredibly powerful when you’re looking to maximise spend or get a leg up over competitors.

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How Google Shopping ads look in search results

When you use this strategy to reap traffic from a search engine like Google, the prime objective is to lead consumers to complete ecommerce sales on your website URL. This is done by providing a number of crucial details to them, directly on the first page of search results . For example, a Google Shopping campaign ad includes product information such as:

What you need know to succeed on Google Shopping Network

Just like Google AdWords, an e-commerce business or marketing agency can nominate a marketing budget for this platform, ensuring a cost is only received when the ad is clicked on. For some, this is a more cost-effective way to leverage digital marketing, without heavily investing in a long-term campaign -like SEO.

Additionally, Google Shopping management features allow you to research your competitors, their products and the kinds of behaviour behind their own Google Shopping campaigns. A digital marketing agency that is are experts in this field (like us) can then translate this data into a competitive strategy that’s designed to get the most out of PPC services.

When you’re looking to power up your ability to dominate search engine traffic through PPC, dynamic remarketing is also a great hand-in-hand way to streamline conversion rates. To do this, you’ll first need to enter your product information in Google Merchant Centre. From there, link your Google Ads account and build all relevant data needed.

Once you’ve submitted products for your Google Shopping ads, you can use the same data to use dynamic marketing. This then uses cookies to effectively ‘follow’ those that have interacted with the products through Google AdWords, placing further advertising in front of the customers to encourage them to complete their purchase.

When people are on the fence about completing a conversion, this is a great way to win them over.

There’s a lot that goes into Shopping ads like this – from navigating the Merchant Centre to dealing with validation purposes and real estate on Google. To make sure you get the most out of all this, we recommend employing help from a Google Shopping agency (like us).

When you have experts driving your campaign, you’re less likely to waste budget on products that won’t convert, or that aren’t optimised via text ads the way they need to be. Google AdWords, Shopping and SEO all need consistent monitoring and refinement, so an e commerce specialist is always best to have on the case.

With all that said and done, PPC campaigns can do wonders for e commerce stores. As people shop around the internet for the product they’re looking for, you’re able to put your website in front of consumers right then and there, all with instant results.

Unlike content marketing or SEO, a Google Shopping campaign is a quicker approach to getting sales short term. If you’re running special offers or deals, this is the best approach, giving you a direct way to let people know that your brand is offering products of interest for discount prices.

Not sure if it’s right for you?

To know whether Google AdWords, Shopping, SEO or other digital marketing techniques are best suited for your objectives, it’s recommended to have your business goals assess by a Google Shopping agency. This will ensure your vision is aligned with the options available to you, giving you the best chance at success.

A part of Google Shopping management includes aggregating reviews on your products and business so that people can see them in your ads. These ratings are shown in the listings, appearing as ratings from 1 to 5 stars.

As word-of-mouth and testimonials are a big part of digital marketing and e commerce success, getting reviews is crucial to your Shopping campaign.

We’ll work to get you those reviews you need

When you collaborate with our Google Shopping agency, we’ll ensure you have the reviews your brand needs to power up your ecommerce ads on Google Shopping, encouraging consumers to give valuable feedback where possible.

On your own end, you can also ask existing customers for review via email, or entice them with a special office for things you provide. If you have their email address from them checking out, this is an easy way to persuade them to email you back with their review, which can also be displayed on your website.

In the end, reviews land a bigger conversion rate, and our digital agency always works with brands and clients in Australia to improve these instances through Google.

Get started with our Google Shopping management agency

From the Merchant Centre through to the nitty-gritty of Google Shopping management, we know there’s a lot to get your head around with this way of promoting your products.

If your business needs help launching a PPC campaign, let’s get things started with our digital agency team who’s well and truly qualified in crafting exceptional campaigns.

From building compelling text ads to tying in other aspects of e commerce amplification to your suite of marketing techniques, we’ll create end-to-end campaigns that work hard for your business.

Remember the powerful benefits of Google Shopping

There’s so much to enjoy about advertising on this platform. Experience more growth than ever before with:

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