About Edge Marketing

Founded in February 2002 by Managing Director Daniel Hunjas.

At Edge Marketing we work with businesses that are looking for a partner to help them navigate the digital marketing landscape.

Let’s face it – it’s tough out there.
It’s hard for most businesses to know which platforms they should be on – let alone how to get the most out of them.
And we get it – we know that the job of marketing is to:

Perhaps you’ve worked with other marketers before that have promised the world – but didn’t quite deliver on their promises.
Edge Marketing takes a unique approach by firstly taking the time to understand your business, your market and your goals then developing a bespoke plan to deliver return on investment.
At EDGE we understand that our role as marketers is to grow your business and deliver results above all else.We love to work with business owners, marketing managers and the people within organisations who are responsible for driving increased revenue and the bottom line. We work best with those that align with our values:We are proactive. We are trustworthy and honest. We educate and empower.

A word from our Managing Director and founder since 2002, Daniel Hunjas.

“Edge is a vehicle that allows me to help people on a massive scale.”For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to help people. I can trace this way back to early childhood helping Dad on his building projects (whether he liked it or not!), helping my Nanna with the shopping or helping my younger brother out with his homework. This continued to evolve as I grew up supporting my teammates on and off the field as captain of the local footy team that I later went on to coach, and then coaching junior Oz-Tag and Auskick. I’ve worked on countless community events and charities including co-founding a mental health charity to provide support when it is needed most. Helping people and making a positive difference is my passion… It’s what fills my cup.Edge allows me to continue my personal work of helping people on scale through my team and through our clients, and Edge exists for one reason – To help businesses grow and prosper.In 2002 there was no such thing as digital marketing. Google was still in its infancy.Facebook didn’t exist. Neither did YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn or any of the other social platforms we all can’t live without today. TV, Newspaper, Radio and Direct Mail were the main channels for advertising… how times have changed!Edge has not only seen the change, but we have been a BIG part of it. Leading from the front, Edge always embraced the new digital marketing opportunities that presented themselves and mastered those strategies for our clients well before their opposition had any idea that these new channels even existed. This is a practice we still follow today; it’s all about getting the ‘Edge’ over your competition.

Leading the traditional ‘Brandscape’ of Australia into the digital world.

For businesses who feel unhappy with their marketing, we provide the Edge that breaks through the noise and reconnects businesses with customers by implementing smart digital marketing strategies.

Unlike older, more traditional marketing methods, we have the expertise and experience that we have developed over 17 years, having helped thousands of Australian businesses navigate through the complex digital landscape.

We don't just work with clients, we build long-lasting partnerships.

We value our clients and our clients value us. We understand that our professional relationship is built on a win-win foundation. The more successful we can make your business, the more work we will do together.

The success of your business is directly related to how successful you are at marketing your business. And to say it a different way; the success of Edge is directly related to how successful we market your business.

In other words, we have a vested interest in your success. The more value we can bring to your business growth through our marketing strategies, the more we will continue to work with one another.”

Some of the projects we deliver:

  • Create an awesome brand for you that turns heads.
  • Build a powerful website that will engage and convert your visitors.
  • Get your website to number 1 – With guaranteed results!
  • Create profitable advertising campaigns with measurable results.
  • Ensure everything you do looks amazing with designer perfection.
  • Track all your spend including any TV, Radio, Newspaper, etc via our AdEdge tracking software.
  • Have alot of fun along the way!
  • And most importantly – Grow your business and increase profits with smart marketing.

Don’t allow procrastination to affect your business
Take the necessary action you need now!