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At EDGE, our Shopify developers work hard to pioneer ground-breaking eCommerce websites that generate sales. With a holistic design and development process, we take the very best UX and UI elements and fuse them together to spark endless sales. 

From flawless digital platforms to online storefronts that take your retail operations to the next level, our team can build you a presence that turns your brand into a powerhouse. Whether from scratch or by updating your existing site with new features and functionality, we’ll help you make waves in all the right ways through highly refined Shopify development. 

Tailoring Shopify stores for conversions

Whether we’re decking out your new website with all the right bells and whistles, or migrating your existing store over to Shopify, our technical wizards and digital marketing experts are the go-to Shopify partners.

We ensure that every aspect is destined for conversions, establishing a sleek user experience on desktop and mobile devices, all the while implementing compelling visuals that support your buyer’s cycle. 

Shopify merchants are on the move

As smartphones continue to grow in popularity, so too do their capabilities. Whether you’re looking to create a simple app that allows users to place orders directly through your storefront or need something much larger like an entire shopping cart solution, our Shopify developers have every step covered, making your store fully mobile.

No matter complex your project may be, our skilled designers are ready to make magic happen. 

As a Shopify partner, we know our stuff

At EDGE, we’re big on conveying our strengths but also making sure we deliver on them. When you choose us as your chosen Shopify developer, we work tirelessly to ensure the end result is everything you envisioned and more.

The most vital thing to know before hiring any developer is whether they actually understand Shopify in the capacity they need to in order to create ROI-shifting results for your eCommerce store.

Luckily, at EDGE, we’ve been developing sites based on this platform for years on end, allowing us to collect all the tricks in the trade along the way. Don’t just take our word for out – see how we’ve created success in our past work examples as a Shopify partner.

If you’re ready to take your online store to new heights for conversions, it all starts here. 

Ready to create a stunning Shopify store?

With an array of skills behind us, our web developer team fine-tunes your website design with custom themes and layouts that influence your target customers. From there, we incorporate all the most agile and innovative plugins to create a fully functional, scalable solution that grows with your business over time.

From backing your store with the insights it needs for future success, to persuading audiences with a flawless design experience, we are Shopify partners that are dedicated to redefining the way you make sales online.

FAQs about Shopify

Not exactly. While the platform is designed to be easy for anyone to use, creating custom, strategic websites that generate conversions relies on quality work and design. For this reason, we recommend investing in dedicated specialists in Shopify development. This also mitigates risk and safeguards your website’s integrity.

We can safely say that we’ve made significant contributions to every Shopify ecosystem we’ve worked on throughout the years, creating seamless platforms that exceed expectations.  

The price varies depending on the complexity of your needs. For example, let’s assume that you already have a basic template set up. Then you would only need to add features to it to turn it up a notch and create a Shopify development that goes beyond the initial steps.

However, in a lot of cases, basic Shopify stores need a full transformation, or have come from another platform and need migration. In these cases, costs increase.

When you collaborate with our experts, we tailored a quote to suit the individual needs and budget of all Shopify merchants we work with. This ensures you get a service that’s both on par with your objectives and your vision. 

We offer an honest approach when it comes to our Shopify development services, giving us our successful reputation in the field. While there are plenty of other agencies out there that do what we do, we know that we are able to deliver that competitive ‘edge’ that our clients want and need. With that in mind, when you choose our solutions, you’re always guaranteed that you’ll get exactly what you paid for…and more.

We speak all the right languages when it comes to the Shopify platform. You’ll find us coding away in languages such as HTML5/CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS Framework and more. These codes allow us to create responsive web design, custom themes, SEO, social media integration and a whole lot more.  

As your Shopify partner, we can handle a lot of tasks for you. Here are some things that we typically help out with:

Shopify developers have the job of making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. They ensure that each element works seamlessly so that customers don’t experience any problems while browsing through an online store. The team at Edge has been doing just that for years on end, helping clients of all niches grow from the ground up.  

Yes! It’s not uncommon for people to start small when building their first eCommerce store. If you’re looking to build something simple but effective, then Shopify is the perfect option. But the best part about his platform is that it can scale with you, so growth is not an issue. With so many features and plugins to enjoy, moving or migrating to another solution is often not required.

Even though Shopify primarily serves businesses selling physical goods, it’s equally suitable for those looking to sell digital downloads, subscription plans, membership access, event tickets, and more. Just remember: this platform isn’t limited to eCommerce applications alone — its powerful API makes it possible to integrate almost any type of application into your storefront.

Not exactly. If you’re interested in launching an online store, then yes, you can build a fully functional website and trade as Shopify merchants, without paying anything. But to get complete flexibility and customisation, you need to invest in a paid plan. Whether you do so will depend on your intentions, objectives and the amount of control you need over Shopify, inside and outside of your native dashboard.

If you’d like to develop something for yourself instead, Shopify does offer a Developer plan, in addition to Shopify Plus. Through this, you also gain access to their App Store, which allows you to create apps to extend functionality within your own Shopify store. Apps range from simple widgets to complete custom interfaces and integrations from external site databases and providers. They’re easy to install and configure, too.

One thing to consider about Shopify is that it’s designed primarily around physical goods. As a result, some items simply aren’t going to sell at high volumes right away. This is where utilising digital marketing strategies – like SEO or PPC – becomes so important. Amplifying your presence and enabling your target audience to become aware that you exist, is the be-all and end-all.

Absolutely! It has everything you need to set up and become one of the top Shopify merchants in your space. There’s no coding required, just drag-and-drop templates. However, if you want more control over your HTML and CSS, this is where investing in a quality Shopify developer is crucial. 

Ultimately, Shopify’s developer tools make it possible to customise every aspect of your Shopify store. From adding new products to changing colours and fonts, they give you full control over what goes where.

Even better, when you sign up for one of their plans, you receive unlimited support via email and phone calls, in addition to our team handling your entire project. When you’re not sure how to run your online business or create the perfect eCommerce brand, this is a good place to start.  

If you’re looking for a basic layout, Shopify gives you everything you need to personalise the customer experience on your front end. These include things like responsive layouts, checkout pages, social media integration, mobile-friendly designs, and much more. When you’re after something more comprehensive and fully managed, this is where a dedicated Shopify developer comes in handy.

You can also manage all of your inventory from within the Shopify platform itself, so there’s no need to shuffle around various software. Finally, there are so many integration options that you can create an end-to-end database that you can work from.

First off, you’ll need to decide whether you want to go down the DIY route or hire someone else to do it for you. Both have pros and cons, but ultimately, it depends on what kind of results you are expecting. If you’re planning to spend time creating your own web page, then you will need to know the basics of coding. 

Once you’ve decided between these two paths, here are five tips to help you along:

1) Start small. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, focus on getting a few key features working first before moving on to bigger tasks. You don’t necessarily need to add every feature available; pick out three or four that really matter to you and implement those first. Once you feel comfortable with the basics, move on to larger tasks.

2) Use themes. Themes are prebuilt templates that come bundled with Shopify. Each theme includes different sections such as header images, footer text, navigation menus, etc., making it easier than ever to jump into designing your own storefront if you’re happy with basic layouts.

3) Create multiple Shopify stores. Having several accounts lets you experiment with different styles without having to worry about losing any data. Plus, each account acts independently, meaning you can easily switch back and forth between them whenever needed. This approach also gives you the ability to split test layouts and designs, uncovering what converts and what doesn’t. 

 4) Customise your homepage. Your homepage is essentially the landing page of your store and is the driving force behind your user experience. When you’re creating your store, you’ll need to balance UI and UX across this page and the wider site. Moreover, your navigation needs to offer complete accessibility – both for customers and Google crawlers (for SEO).

5) Keep tabs on analytics

Once your site is live, monitor it for any problems. Even a broken link can wreak havoc on your SEO efforts and user experience, ultimately affecting your conversion rate. No matter what stage of your store’s journey you’re in, make sure you are always reflecting on the data you collect. This is crucial to any site.

Of course, if all of this seems overwhelming, you can gain expert support from the Shopify developers at Edge. When you choose us as your specialists, we’ll take care of all of these elements for you, so all you have to do is sit back and fulfil those sales.

Let’s get things moving – contact our designers and developers now for professional support towards your eCommerce journey.

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