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Rank on the 1st Page of Google or Pay Nothing Until We Do. GUARANTEED. 

For over 17 years we have helped thousands of Australian businesses dominate Google's search results, so much so that we put our money where our mouth is - If we can't achieve first page results for you as outlined in our milestones you'll pay nothing more until we do.

Over 80% of all Australians go online to find their local product or service.

92% don't go past the first page of Google!


Edge's SEO strategies are driven with only one goal; first page rankings that will drive business growth. Once you start ranking on the first page, your business will have an automated flow of inbound enquiry from your website.


Before you even choose to work with us, we want to give you some real value up-front, and show you why we are one of Australia’s best SEO companies.

During this audit, our leading SEO specialists are going to deep dive into your website using our advanced SEO tools and align the metrics that Google uses to rank your website. We will then provide you a customised video with a series of powerful insights on why your website is performing as it is, and what opportunities we can see to achieve great long-lasting results.

This audit is completely at no-obligation. You can either:
  1. Take our recommendations and attempt to implement them yourself with your existing team or;
  2. Partner with Edge to drive your online growth with 17 years of experience behind us and iron-clad performance guarantees to protect your investment.
1st page results or pay nothing! 

Edge offers a serious commitment to your results with 3 ranking milestones during your campaign. Should we fail to meet any of these milestones, we continue your campaign without charge until the milestone is met.

 - Our commitment of 10% of Key Phrases to appear on Page 1 of within 3 months or pay nothing more until we do.

 - Our commitment of 30% of Key Phrases to appear on Page 1 of within 6 months or pay nothing more until we do.

 - Our commitment of 60% of Key Phrases to appear on Page 1 of within 12 months or pay nothing more until we do. 

Our commitment to your results is your assurance that we have a vested interest in the development of your rankings as your SEO partners.


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8 out of 10 people go online to buy

Over 80% of all Australians go online to find their local product or service!

91.5% don't go past the first page of Google! 

In other words...

If you are not on the first page of Google, you may as well not exist!

The internet, or what we refer to as the new digital economy is booming. 

Latest research shows that over 82% of all consumers go online to find their local business. In other words, 8 out of every 10 new contacts are looking for your product or service online. Out of all searches completed on Google, 91.5% of all searches will not go past the first page of results.

What this means is that before you spend a single cent on Newspaper, TV, Radio, Flyers or any other form of marketing, you MUST have a well-developed digital marketing strategy led by a strong SEO campaign.

As SEO professionals we really focus on Google as they hold approx 95% of all searches made in Australia.

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SEO with an Edge

There's 2 main factors you must consider when choosing an SEO company; Trust and Credibility. 

Edge was established in February 2002. Long before words like SEO and PPC really even existed. We have not only seen the digital revolution, we were a big part of it. Edge's relationships have all been built on long standing partnerships and results. We enjoy a Win - Win relationship with our clients. In other words, if we continue to produce results for our clients, our clients remain loyal to us. It's really that simple. 

Edge is an established SEO company with one HUGE difference. Our focus is on quality of clients, NOT quantity. We won't take on just anyone; we only work with clients that we know we can produce 1st page results for, and that SEO is the right profit-generating strategy for them. SEO is becoming much more challenging and competitive as companies all jostle each other for those lucrative 1st page positions. In order to get to the first page, a quality, stable and well thought out strategy must be established and there are only a handful of companies in Australia that do it well and Edge are one of these select few.

Think of your website is an athlete and Edge is it's personal trainer

First page rankings don't just happen overnight, it takes dedication, patience and commitment. You need to think of your website like a well tuned athlete. For most of us, If we wanted to run and win a marathon, we wouldn't be able to do it tomorrow, we would need to train hard to build up our fitness in order to compete. Think of your website as an athlete competing in a marathon race for 1st position. 

SEO is a process of building your website's fitness (or trust) in Google's eyes in order to be rewarded with higher rankings. The fitter your website is; the higher it ranks. If you stop your SEO, your rankings will begin to drop as your competitors continue to build their SEO fitness and overtake you again. 


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What is SEO

SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ is really all about one thing; building the credibility and trust of your website with Google in so that Google rewards your website with higher rankings. Mostly you want to rank so that those people that don’t know about your business, but are searching for your product or service, are finding you first rather than your competitors.

Technically speaking, SEO is the the precise science of optimising a website to communicate more effectively with Google in order to be rewarded with higher rankings in Google's unpaid search results. SEO is a complex process of activity that occurs both on your website as well as other areas of the internet that all tell Google that your website is the most relevant website for someones search term.

How does Google determine where your website ranks? 

The SEO process is a complex matrix of on-page website optimisation as well as taking a very proactive and honest approach to other internet content that points back to your website as a source of authority. Google uses complex algorithms to read and determine the position of a website.

Some key factors in these algorithms are:

  • Unique content
  • Mobile and table optimisation
  • Content relevancy
  • Fresh updates
  • Quality of links
  • Website code structure
  • History & Authority

Our role as your SEO professionals, is to very carefully and precisely build this science into your website over a steady and sustained period so that Google can recognise and reward your site with continued increases in rankings.

Google accounts for approximately 95% of the internet's entire search traffic. Get it right on Google and the rewards most often follow. When someone searches for a product of service that they would like to purchase, Google provides a list of thousands of websites that match that person's search. Approx. 92% of people don't go past the first page of Google, so it is important that you are on the first page and a part of the 10 websites that Google has displayed.  

What is our role as your SEO Partner?

As an SEO company we invest heavily into our backend strategies through research and development of new tools and search analysis. This ensures we keep our SEO strategies within Google's guidelines and as a result, delivers success to our clients. As SEO has progressed in recent years, it has become more manually intensive as Google aims to eradicate automated tools or scripts that manipulate the search results.  

In recent times we have seen multiple changes to the way Google reads websites and display the search results. In turn we have continually modified our strategy to remain inline with what Google now wants to see from a page 1 website. Our continued investment in our tools & SEO experts ensures we stay ahead of the game which is why our results are so strong. At the time of writing this article, we currently have 84% of our entire clientele's keywords sitting on page 1. 

Being partnered with Edge Marketing gives your website exclusive access to our proven strategies that deliver clients results.

There's alot of work and know-how that goes into a successful SEO strategy. On a daily basis we are performing ranking and target page indexing checks whilst monitoring keyword movement, not just for your website but for your main competitors too.

Across the week we are performing backlink analysis, new referring domains, lost referring domains, adjusting anchor text ratios, on-site adjustments and rebalancing your backlink profile based on rank movement ensuring that we grow, but still within the guidelines of avoiding penalties. 

Every month we are performing in-depth search analysis checks on your competitors, backlink acquisition and outreach, keyword movement vs anchor text, cross referencing timing and analysing further opportunities

Natural Fluctuations are Normal

Google only crawls most websites approximately every 6 weeks. So all the work we may do today, may not be rewarded with an improved ranking until next time your website is crawled. During this period and especially during the first 12 months of a campaign as we build your SEO, Google may crawl several competitor sites and re-assess their rankings and this can look like your website is dropping in rank, however in most cases it is simply a case of being shuffled until Google re-crawls your website and you leapfrog your competitors again. We call this the Yoyo effect and it is common in all SEO campaigns.

There are occasions when a Google algorithm update coincides with a newer SEO campaign. This can result in an immediate and significant drop in ranking as Google’s new update try’s to determine everyone’s new position. Again this is very common and we experience a rapid recovery and in most cases a significant improvement in rankings within 2 Google crawls.

What kind of results should you expect?

We certainly recognise that the process of SEO can seem very mysterious from a business perspective and we understand that it is only human nature to be very sceptical of something that we don’t understand or don’t actually get to touch and feel the work that has been done.

For these very reasons, we have created our SEO commitment so that you can rest assured that your investment is in the best of hands and that we are partners in this process. Edge's ranking commitment focuses on 3 ranking milestones during your campaign. Should we fail to meet any of these milestones, we continue your campaign without charge until the milestone is met.

Our commitment is your assurance that we have a vested interest in the development of your rankings as your SEO partners. It’s important to note that this is a safety net only – our objective is to rank your website as high as possible as quickly as possible and in many circumstances we are achieving far better ranking percentages at each milestone.

The SEO traps

There is no such thing as cheap SEO, only cheap ‘Traps’. As previously covered, the process of SEO is a precise science that must be favourably recognised by Google’s ranking algorithms. Bad SEO often results in a complete ban from Google’s search and when that happens the only thing you can do is register a new domain, build a new website and start again…

Everything that is done on the internet leaves a digital footprint behind that can be tracked and this is very important in understanding why SEO providers using overseas contractors from common countries like India and the Philippines, are essential to avoid. One of Google’s biggest ranking algorithms focuses on locally generated quality content (content created and published within the country of origin).


Price varies depending on your current website health with Google and how competitive your industry is online. If your competitor websites are very strong, we know that there is a lot more work that needs to go into your website in order to compete for the top positions.

The volume of work that goes into each phrase every month is significant and this is what determines your SEO investment. As a very generalised guide, you can expect to pay between $40-$100 per keyword for a campaign within a moderately competitive space. If it is anything less than this general range, we can almost be certain that the work being done behind the scenes is nowhere near enough in achieving the results you need.

It is also important to understand that this price guide can significantly increase if a more aggressive approach is considered to be essential in achieving a successful campaign if competition is high.

SEO and the long game

Rankings don't happen overnight. Firstly, remember that SEO is a process of continual optimisation, and there is a significant investment of time and resources that go into a campaign. At times, there is a substantially higher amount of work that goes into a campaign during certain times of the year, and instead of having fluctuating charges each month, we have smoothed your investment out to even your monthly investment.

Secondly, like hanging a new picture on the wall, you must apply consistent pressure for a period of time for the picture to stick, and this rule also applies with Google rankings. We can achieve very strong results in a short timeframe, but these will fall away very quickly without consistent SEO pressure in place over an extended period. It’s also important to remember that your competitor websites can overtake you again quickly if they are also engaged in SEO as your website’s fitness level drops.

What are keywords?

Keywords refer to the words people type into the Google search box to find what they are looking for. Keywords are also often referred to as key phrases, search terms or search queries.  

Not all keywords are equal and this is where Edge will guide you carefully to select the list that's right for your business growth. In many cases the most searched keywords aren't often the most profitable. Why? Because many of these keywords are 'researching' keywords rather than 'buying' keywords. 'Buying' keywords are the profitable ones, and these are what we want to target. 

Understanding the Google search page

There are 2 main areas you need to have a good understanding of on the Google search page.

The first 3 listings at the top of the page are generally what is referred to as paid links.

Below these links are the organic rankings and are the most important of all. The only real way to achieve these top rankings is with a strong SEO campaign. 


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Think it's too late? Think again

It may be a shock to you, but SEO is in many ways, still in its infancy. There are only a few SEO companies in Australia that can do it well and as a result, there are only a few companies selling to the consumer that are truly dominating their categories. This is why we continue to offer 1st page ranking commitments. 

However, it is getting harder and harder as more companies compete for the same space. It's absolutely not too late to start now, build your rankings, dominate this space and reap the rewards. 

A 1st page ranking can be like winning the lottery 

With over 80% of all Australians going online to find their local product or service, ranking your website on the first page of Google can be the equivalent of owning a sales army without the massive overheads and salaries. We have seen companies that have been around for decades lose massive market share because the new kids on the block did one thing better than their age old competitor - Understood the importance on owning the first page results and dominated that space. 


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As a digital marketing company, we rate Search Engine Optimisation or as it's commonly referred to; SEO as our most important digital marketing strategy for growing your business. Over 84% of our entire client SEO keyword lists (12 months or older) are ranking on page 1. 

International medical equipment supplier


  • 73 keywords on page 1
  • 46 keywords in the top 3 positions
  • 20 keywords in 1st place positions


  • Traffic up 75% year on year
  • New visitors up 83% on previous year
  • Conversions up 49% on previous year

National safety equipment supplier


  • 15 keywords on page 1
  • 7 keywords in 1st place positions 


  • Traffic up 112% year on year – increase of over 5,000 sessions
  • New visitors up 119% on previous year – over 4,000 new visitors

National clothing company


  • All 30 keywords on page 1
  • 14 keywords in the top 3 positions
  • 11 keywords in 1st place positions 


  • Traffic up 21% year on year
  • New visitors up 26% on previous year – over 3,330 new visitors
  • Conversions up 49% on previous year

State childcare provider


  • All 20 keywords on page 1
  • 15 keywords in the top 3 positions
  • 7 keywords in 1st place positions 


  • Traffic up 27% year on year
  • New visitors up 29% on previous year
  • Conversions up 33% on previous year

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