SEO Gold Coast

Gold Coast is booming of the back of the massive investment that the commonwealth games has provided and now is the time to secure your digital presence with a strong SEO campaign that is going to position you on the first page of Google for Gold Coast related search terms. 

Edge has a firm hand on the Gold Coast market with a regional design office located in Burleigh Waters to assist in servicing our growing client base in the south east corner. The irony of our Gold Coast design studio is that we are generating more Gold Coast SEO clients than what we are new design services. The reason why in our opinion is the progressive nature of Gold Coast businesses and their understanding of the importance of ranking well on Google. 

Even with the Gold Coast's progressive nature, SEO and digital marketing services are still relatively in their infancy which means it's absolutely not too late to make a start now. 

Guaranteed results

There are not too many SEO companies in Australia that will guarantee results. Why? There are many reasons from not knowing how to rank competitive industries, to simply not putting in the expertise and resources required to achieve great results. 

We look at it from your perspective. If you are going to invest your marketing budget into an SEO strategy, you want to be assured that there are great results that are producing new leads for your business. 

SEO is a partnership and we put our money where our mouth is and hold a vested interest in your results where we understand that as long as we continue to produce great rankings, you are going to continue to work with Edge as your SEO partner. 

The first step

Your first step is to make contact with one of our digital marketing specialists at Edge. We will guide you through the digital marketing process and will create a strategy designed for business growth. Everything that we recommend is driven by increasing your business' profitability. 

Creating a business case

SEO should be seen as an investment in your business. To understand this, we must create a business case where we take the search volume from the selected keyword list that we recommend, then multiply this out by your average customer 'life value', then multiply this number out by your industry's conversion percentages. What we need to see here is a healthy profit outcome for your business.

 Your SEO campaign

Now it is over to Edge to get your campaign up and running. There's alot of work that goes into the first 3 months as we delve into your website and tune it like a sports car so that it is communicating as best as it can back to Google on what we want it to rank for.  Whilst our on-page team works on your website, our SEO technicians will begin laying out a very precise and strategic web of interlinked information on the rest of the internet that points Google back to your website as a quality source of information. As Google continues to crawl your website, we will see your ranking systematically improve over the course of the SEO campaign as we work towards your first page positions. 

Getting started

It all begins with you, right now. Get in touch with us so that we can show you how SEO can drive the success of your business on the Gold Coast! 



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