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You're here because you've heard all the hype about businesses literally 2X, 5X, even 10X'ing in a matter of months through Digital Marketing. You know you need a Digital Marketing Strategy, but are unsure what Digital Marketing channels are right for you... you've probably already dabbled with a little Digitial, right? You're not alone.

The Digital Marketing success stories are absolutely true, but for every great story of success, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of disaster stories.

We will analyse your business, dive into the data, pull out our insights and provide you with our recommendations... Hey, we may even have to share some cold hard truths about our findings. But you can rest assured that it is all in your best interests with one focus - To Grow your Business.

The DNA of your business success.

Most businesses that have a revenue problem can usually track it back to the lack of leads and poor Digital Marketing. You simply cannot make sales if you have no leads.

  • Create a Powerful Lead Generation Strategy
  • Turn your Advertising Budget into Profit
  • Interpret Powerful Insights
  • Optimise Lead Generation Strategy
  • Double Down on Results
Speak with our Results Team

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Our Success is Measured by Results.

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Create an EDGE over your competition.

It's an unfair advantage

With over 17 years' experience and some of the World's Best Digital Marketers behind us, we simply give you an Unfair advantage (or 'EDGE' as we like to call it) over your competitors. No two Digital Marketing Strategies are the same - We don't do cookie-cutter and we don't cut corners. We will implement a unique Digital Marketing Strategy designed to not only attract more customers, but we find the better converting customers, so that you begin to grow much faster and more efficiently than your competitors while they panic and scramble to try and catch you.

We begin by understanding what your core business objectives are, we then learn about the products and services you offer, and then most importantly - What your 'ideal' customer looks like.

Once we have an understanding of these core marketing pillars we get right to work on creating a plan where we deliver the right content, at the exact time with laser precision to you 'ideal' market segment by layering up a multitude of demographic targeting that fits your most likely buying criteria.

Speak with our Results Team

No risk, no excuses. Just real results for your business.

FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session with our Results Team

Before you even choose to work with us, we want to give you some real value up-front, and show you why we are one of Australia’s best Digital Marketing Companies.

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Don't just take our word for it.

Things have really changed and it’s a very busy world out there. We couldn’t just put newspaper ads together and see the people come through the doors, we needed to break it down to get all of those messages of what we do here on multiple platforms.

It’s all about results at the end of the day, it wasn’t just a job for Edge, they wanted to become an extension of my business, they took the time and asked the right questions and set up the strategies that we needed to put in place to target the right market that i’m after to grow our business.

The people that are in the team, the wealth of knowledge, the expertise… that’s what makes Edge. And what Edge has provided us…. I’m really excited to see where we continue to go with it.

Troy Sorensen - Marketing Manager

No two Digital Marketing Strategies are the same.

Not sure what Digital Marketing channels are right for you?

Just like human DNA, no two businesses are exactly the same and as a result, no two Digital Marketing Strategies are the same either. That's where we give you the true meaning of the word 'EDGE'.

For close to 20 years, we have helped thousands of Australian businesses grow and prosper with smart Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Roadmap.

Get a FREE 30 minute strategy session with our Results Team

This is a 100% FREE no-obligation 30 minute strategy call where you will have access to some of the world's best Digital Marketing minds.

Book Your Strategy Session Now

During your Digital Marketing Strategy Session we will create a strategic roadmap designed to increase your online traffic, attract better quality leads and ultimately convert more of the right leads into higher profitable sales.

By the end of your Strategy Session, you will have some very powerful insights into where your growth opportunities are and feel much more empowered and educated about how you should be investing you time and money.

This Digital Marketing Strategy Session is completely no-obligation. You can either:

Take our recommendations and attempt to implement them yourself with your existing team or;
Work with our Success Team to implement a growth strategy that drives your business success with over 17 years of experience behind us protecting your investment.

In this FREE 30 minute strategy session you'll discover:

Why you aren't getting the results you really want.
What the core structure of your Digital Marketing Strategy should look like.
Ways to improve your website conversion rates.
How to target buyers that are in 'Hunt Mode'
How to use Social Media in a way that is a productive growth channel for your business.
How to effectively track and measure your results without getting bogged down in useless data.
And above all - Clarity about where your money is best spent to maximise returns.
Let's skip the audit and get right to work!

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We don't even talk about Going Online anymore... we Live Online.

When developing a website you should also consider your digital marketing strategy to drive your online success. Most businesses build a website for the sake of building a website without understanding or integrating the important digital marketing strategies that drive profitable website returns. It's very much like producing a TV commercial and not buying any air-time to show it to anyone.

With over 80% of all Australians now online...

It is crucial that you understand the link between an effective digital marketing strategy and the success of your business.

Your website forms the hub of this digital strategy and we focus on empowering you to start focussing on key areas such as:

  • Traffic Creation - How many people you can attract to your website and through what sources
  • Conversion Strategies - How you funnel you visitors through to conversion once they are on your website
  • Remarketing - How well you continue to engage and re-market to those that have previously visited you, and;
  • Advanced Analytics - Understanding exactly how much profit your entire digital strategy is making you

Edge will develop a digital marketing strategy for you business that will allow you to engage your potential markets active in the digital economy.

Want to know more?

The best place to start is to talk to an Edge Marketing Professional.

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