Design is the voice of strategy

It’s an art of thinking…. made visual

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Graphic Design with a purpose.

Attention, interest, desire, action!

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We don’t do Design for the sake of Design.

Edge is a Results Company focussed on profitable outcomes for our clients. We are experts when it comes to understanding what your business objectives are, and how we can frame your message into a practical & beautiful design framework that cuts through the noise and connects with your customers.

What this essentially means for you is that you have a team of creative people driven by business outcomes, rather than just a pretty picture that looks nice, but fails to engage and deliver strong leads.

Designer Perfection - Branding - Digital - Print

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Before you even choose to work with us, we want to give you some real value up-front, and show you why we are one of Australia’s best digital marketing companies.

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Don't just take our word for it.

Things have really changed and it’s a very busy world out there. We couldn’t just put newspaper ads together and see the people come through the doors, we needed to break it down to get all of those messages of what we do here on multiple platforms.

It’s all about results at the end of the day, it wasn’t just a job for Edge, they wanted to become an extension of my business, they took the time and asked the right questions and set up the strategies that we needed to put in place to target the right market that i’m after to grow our business.

The people that are in the team, the wealth of knowledge, the expertise… that’s what makes Edge. And what Edge has provided us…. I’m really excited to see where we continue to go with it.

Troy Sorensen - Marketing Manager

Brand Health Check.

Get the answers to the questions you didn't even know to ask.

During your Brand Health Check, we are going to deep dive into your Digital and Print assets to determine what message your brand is speaking to the market.

Your Brand Health Check is completely at no-obligation:

Take our recommendations and insights and attempt to implement them with your current Graphic Design team or;
Work with our Design Strategists to implement an improved Brand and Design Strategy focussed on engagement and lead generation!
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In this FREE brand health check, you’ll discover:

If your brand identity is current in todays market.
If you are portraying the correct tone of voice for your industry or market.
If your brand is consistent across all forms of advertising, digital and print and how it could be improved.
Does your website provide a great User Experience (UX) for potential converting clients.
Insights on your website’s User Interface (UI) and whether it is easy to navigate and up to date with current web trends.
Let's skip the audit and get right to work!

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Creative without strategy is called ‘ART'...
Creative with strategy is called ‘MARKETING’.

When you work with Edge’s graphic design team, you draw on a wealth of creative marketing knowledge to engage your market.

Design is the voice of strategy

Great design execution starts with professional planning. There must be a logical sequence based on identified objectives, well executed copy and interesting creative to engage, captivate and convert the consumer.

Edge will work with you and your sales team to make your design materials the number one in your category of business. We will guide you every step of the way through the planning, design and if required the printing of your sales materials.

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Enjoy the benefits of designer perfection

  • Your own dedicated professional senior designer.
  • A comprehensive briefing process to determine creative sales objectives.
  • Professional planning and execution of content, imaging and creative direction.
  • Professional recommendations on printing and placement strategies for that added WOW-Factor.
  • Collaborate on changes with your designer as it happens with live screen sharing.
Speak with our Results Team

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