Digital Marketing Tips Gold Coast Businesses Need to Know

Updated: March 16, 2022
Digital Marketing Tips Gold Coast Businesses Need to Know

Digital marketing has never been more important for Gold Coast businesses all across the sunny shores of this iconic destination. In fact, COVID-19 has made it clear that online operations are essential for all businesses, no matter how big or small. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of digital marketing, Gold Coast businesses and the reason these two aspects go hand-in-hand. If you’re looking to progress online and reach new customers in your area, visibility is everything. And it all starts with knowing how to turn the heads of your target market on the coast.

The best part about digital marketing (Gold Coast-wise) is that it encompasses a variety of online tactics to garner use reach and engagement. Whether that’s through website design and development, or through SEO Gold Coast, social media marketing, and email marketing, there’s always a way your brand can be seen when it matters most. 

The only trick is, you need to know how and when. On the coast, where the competition is rife, having a competitive Edge (see what we did?) here is the be-all and end-all. If your competitors are already active and making continual improvement across their own strategy, you’re already behind. Now’s the time to get the ball rolling and start luring in those interested, local leads for your local Gold coast business.

So where do you start? By getting an expert on your side who can guide you through all the most crucial steps of the digital world. Oh, and reading this quick article for a few handy tips to keep up your sleeve.

How to choose an expert agency to guide you

A massive 4.95 billion people now carry out a majority of their lives entirely online – whether that’s their daily shopping or personal banking. Any local business needs to keep up with this change, so having a strong online presence is no longer an option – it’s a must.

Keeping up with these shifts may be overwhelming to some, especially if you’ve never dabbled with online marketing before. But it doesn’t have to be so scary. Building a digital footprint for your brand is exciting, invigorating and rewarding. And with the perfect digital marketing strategy by your side on the Gold Coast, you’re destined for success. 

Not sure how to pick a Gold Coast agency for you? Here are the key points to keep in mind when you start your hunt:

Firstly, assess your needs. What do you want your digital marketing services on the Gold Coast to do for you? Is there a KPI you want them to achieve? How quickly do you need to see results?

Once you know what you need, you can start to shortlist agencies in your vicinity. Look for those with a good track record of the areas you need help with – like our team at Edge (hint, hint). Checking previous client reviews can help you narrow down your options here, which will also give you an idea of their service quality.

From there, you’ll also need to ask your intended agency all the hard questions. Grill them about their previous experience or similar clients. Ask them how they measure results and what their reporting system is like – all of this matters.

Finally, don’t forget to request a tailored quote that’s free from any obligations. An agency that bases its services on transparency will be more than happy to hand this over, and if that’s not the case, then you’ve already met your first red flag.

Establishing an online presence with a digital marketing strategy

Online marketing is constantly changing, thanks to Google search results, algorithms and technology advancements. What works today might not work tomorrow. But one thing is for sure, the best way to establish an online presence is to target locally. If you’re a Gold Coast business, focusing on techniques that pinpoint target residents near your physical location will give you the best shot at success.

Don’t believe us? Well, 46% of online searches include a location. If you’re not narrowing down your search queries and targeting to suit this activity, you may be missing out on big opportunities sitting within your reach.

If you’re not sure where to start, there are several online resources that can help, but choosing an expert will also help you cut out time and confusion, as well as the potential to miss targets on your Gold coast SEO campaign.

No matter what route you choose, it’s important to remember that all of these are investments that need the patience to flourish and thrive. It takes time and effort to see results in SEO, especially if you’ve never dabbled in it before. 

Getting social on the Gold Coast

When we speak of digital marketing, social media is the first thing that comes to most people’s minds and there’s a reason why – it’s easier than other options and can provide more direct engagement. 

Creating a social media campaign targeting the Gold Coast will help you reach a larger and more relevant audience in the area. When you’re looking for quick wins and instant results, these channels are one of the most effective paths to take, especially when you utilise pay-per-click methods like Facebook Ads.

However, like all things digital, you’ll still need to keep key factors in mind to really hit the sweet spot of success:

  • Choose the right social media platform. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. Choose the one that best suits your business objectives and goals, and where your audience is most active.
  • Keep your content engaging and interesting. Your posts will connect you with your target audience – make sure each content resonates with them. If it doesn’t, you need to head back to the drawing board and refine your strategy.
  • Take advantage of hashtags. Make your business known and draw attention through hashtags that are relevant, timely and full of search volume. Tools like Hashtagify are great for identifying these opportunities. 
  • Target the right audience. Make sure your campaigns are targeting the right audience.

Let’s solve the digital marketing Gold Coast puzzle

Hear us out.

If you want to level up your online marketing game on the Gold Coast but don’t know where to start, Edge is here to kick things off for you. Whether you want to tackle Google or get savvy with LinkedIn, we can help you dominate any platform or channel. In a nutshell, we can help grow your business online through:

  • Web design
  • Reputation management
  • Facebook marketing
  • SEO (local, national and international)
  • Quality content
  • Google AdWords (A.K.A Google Ads)
  • End-to-end digital marketing strategies
  • Lead generation for more online sales
  • And a whole lot more.

Additionally, we know how the waves roll across the coast, so we’re well-versed in how your competitors tick, how your audiences behave and how the industry shifts. That’s exactly why we’re able to create super-targeted, effective campaigns that pack a punch, helping small businesses maximise their success.

If you’re looking to boost your business in today’s digital era and get more qualified leads, measurable results and potential customers through your virtual door, we’re ready to put our years of experience to the test. 

Start by getting in touch with our team for a transparent discussion on how our digital marketing experts can promote your business in the best light possible.


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