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OJ Pippin New home builders in Brisbane with an Edge

OJ Pippin is a bespoke turn-key Builder in Brisbane. They specialise in taking homes from the plan and design phase right through to a sophisticated construction and the final touches of interior furnishing. By paying close attention to their client’s vision, they bring to life extraordinary dream homes.

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The Challenge

OJ Pippin came to EDGE with the hope to find a partnership that reflected their quality of service. Lacking the “wow” factor, the results from their previous provider left room for opportunity to grow. They needed an agency that would go the extra mile for them.

Without access to some historical data and accounts, OJ Pippin needed to lean on EDGE’s industry expertise. Our task was to remove the barrier to getting results and work toward securing a minimum of 13 new home contracts per month. This was to be over a period of time, and they understood there would be a learning period with the campaign.

The Solution

To build branding and awareness, we devised an omnichannel strategy based on our industry experience that would meet lead volume and conversion requirements. Once the campaign gained momentum, the client has been securing 15-20 new home contracts per month on a consistent basis.

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