Website conversion rates may be hurting your business

Updated: June 8, 2019
Website conversion rates may be hurting your business

Did you know that the average conversion rate to a sale on the Internet is 1%? Essentially, for every one hundred people who go to a typical website, only one of those people will become a customer.

In other words you could be losing 99 out of 100 people who come to your site.

If we can increase that one to two or even three, we’ve just increased your online sales by 200%. What would that do to your income and profits?

One of the reasons that most conversion rates are so horrifically low, is that business owners make a series of fundamental mistakes with their website design and development that actually STOP their website visitors from buying.

To make matters worse, their web designers normally don’t have a clue about these mistakes, so they design a site which might look good, but which suppresses sales.

I would say that for every 1000 websites that we personally visit, only one or two of these have the formula right.

As a digital marketing company we focus on conversions and profits for our clients, and our team do it very well. We are educated to the highest standards of the sciences behind digital marketing, but more importantly we have over a decade of experience working with clients right across Australia on their digital marketing strategies to ensure that their website’s are maximising profits and growing their business.


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