What is Google Discovery and why should you care about it?

Updated: August 23, 2021
What is Google Discovery and why should you care about it?

We all know Google ad formats continue to change as time goes on, just like their products across its expansive, evolving fleet of marketing solutions.

But one of the most misunderstood underdogs in this field is Google Discovery Ads, which are slowly rising to prominence as companies become more aware of these ad experiences.

Changing the tides of ads online

Google Discovery Ads are ultimately shifting the way we choose to advertise as brands.

By using state-of-the-art A.I, we can now better understand our end customer more than we ever have before.

And that gives us the ability to sell more products and drive more traffic to a landing page of our choice.

What exactly are Google Discovery ads and what do these campaigns look like?

Back in 2019, Google released its Discovery Ads platform in beta form.

But if you’ve never had the Google app on your devices, it’s likely you’ve never even heard of these ad units in the first place.

And in the words of Google itself, there’s quite a lot of thought that’s gone into this platform.

“Google is positioning Discovery Ads as an alternative to Facebook and Instagram. Discovery is a browseable, feed-based surface which gives advertisers an opportunity to extend their digital footprint to hundreds of millions of Google users globally — with a single campaign. All while leveraging rich user intent signals to meet users’ expectations when they’re eager to learn more and ready to take action” – James Anthony, Google Representative.

So, let’s dive into how this Google marketing live program works and what it means for users and brands alike.

Enter Google Discover

More than 800 million users actively dwell on this platform. News used to be consumed through the likes of radio or newspaper formats but now feeds like Google Discover is changing the game.

Google Discover – previously known as Google Feeds – gives users the ability to tailor their experience once Google app downloads have been actioned on that particular device.

That means that audiences can tailor the content and stories shown in their Google Discover feed, presenting them with headlines, YouTube videos, and content that suits their interests.

How does this app experience differ from search?

In comparison to Google Search, which revolves around a keyword entered into the search box, Google Discover’s intention is to give the audience an answer before the user even thinks or asks it.


By using A.I to predict these trends and behaviours in advance.

The rise of A.I

The more a user clicks through ad formats or Google properties on Google Discovery, the more the platform understands what they are interested in or don’t want to see.

It essentially learns what kind of campaign type to pose to them, without even knowing they are being advertised to in the first place.

How do Google Discovery Ads work?

There’s no doubt that there’s a lot of excitement around this new form of PPC advertising, especially with advertisers able to funnel users according to their interests and lead quality.

It’s also an exceptionally powerful way to broaden brand awareness, putting any business name out there in a more natural, native way. All you need is some well-written ad copy and you’re set

User the wider ads network from Google

But even though they made for the Discovery app, these search ads don’t just appear on the platform – you’ll see them in places across Gmail, YouTube, map searches, as display ads and in other locations.

So, there’s plenty of power behind this form of Google ads, especially as a Discovery campaign is able to learn the behaviour of the user in the first place.

How ad group targeting works

Not unlike the GDN, a Discovery campaign lets you pinpoint your audiences and target them accordingly, even through Google remarketing or carousel ads.

This is an excellent way to reel in those that may have strayed off to use another site or app instead.

Target broad or target niche

You can also target your ad format to suit the interests of those you want to target, or what search query they may input.

From there you can work out the ad format you want to take on and what your intended action is – e.g. website visits or another conversion type.

Is the world of Google Discover worth it?

Google Discovery Ads give you the ability to tailor your campaigns in a whole other way.

Identify your customers before they even know they will become one, and utilise topics and categories that appeal to them.

Best of all, you can do all of this on the native feed of Google Discovery itself as an app, or beyond the surface level by seeing your ads pop up across the Google Display Network.

Still some refinement to go

While it’s not quite at the refined level of GDN or the likes of Facebook advertising, there is still a lot to love for an advertiser looking to broaden their reach.

If you’re trying to reel in people from other platforms, this is the perfect way to present your ads easily, without a problem.

Best of all, you can still nominate a bidding strategy, utilise engaging images and funnel users through accordingly.

The bottom line…

Ultimately, Google Discovery ads are a welcome addition to the suite of Google products, especially as A.I becomes more a part of our everyday role in marketing.

However, like all other platforms, it still comes with its challenges.

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