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At Edge Marketing, our web development team has been busy hustling over the years to cultivate the successful reputation we have as a creative agency in Melbourne. We’ve been able to assemble our experience to produce an outstanding suite of web design services that continue to honour our clients’ objectives, helping them take their industry by storm.

You want to be seen. Our web design team make it happen

You want your business to be up high and flying online, all through a web design that wows your biggest audiences. We also know you want to stand out from the crowd. Luckily, our team of experts knows how to turn heads in all the right ways, helping you reach your biggest goals.

We handle everything in-house, right down to the finest details. Create a unique platform that embraces who you are as a brand, complete with the capabilities that our Melbourne digital agency is known for.

Enjoy a customised set of web design services in Melbourne that are tailored to every facet of your vision, from creative details to the overall user experience. We’re ready to put the spotlight on your brand through a world-class web development project that gives you the edge.

Our Melbourne web development team push brands forward

If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level online, then our Melbourne web development and web design agency can help you unlock your biggest opportunities. Our expert team will create a customised solution for you, granting you a strong online presence for years to come. Make a lasting impression that your biggest audiences will never forget, sparking unwavering loyalty for the future.

Before we work together we:

We don’t just work with clients; we build lasting partnerships

You’re in good hands, along with the marketing teams at:
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Your digital marketing strategy's nerve centre.

The majority, if not all, of your organic traffic will pass via your web design first, before they bother to get in touch or make a purchase. If your platform is a poor converter, it doesn’t matter how good your digital strategy is or how high you rank on Google. All of your efforts are lost if your web design doesn’t compliment your Melbourne business.

How your conversion rates influence profits.

For one whole year, all we did was work on our client’s conversion rates. The result? They made an additional $200,000 profit.

Optimising your web design and development for better conversions could be the $216,000 profit difference for your brand. See what we could do for your business, contact us today!

A little bit about us.

Our digital marketing agency works with businesses that are ready to get more leads and have the capacity for consistent growth. We know what it’s like to run a business and take our client’s decision to partner with us very seriously.As one of the top SEO agencies, we get excited about getting your business traction. We’ve helped thousands of clients grow their bottom line – we’ve been doing it since 2002 (remember the days before Google?). Our business has survived the test of time. Where many other marketing agencies come and go, we’ve been here from the very beginning of digital. This allows us to work with much greater insight than the new digital marketing businesses that have hit the scene.We’re not a team of millennials tinkering on Snapchat or Tumblr. We only use the best techniques to get you results that create a real impact.

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Frequently asked questions

Our web designers and digital strategists know it can be hard to understand all of the ins and outs of web development. Melbourne businesses continue to look to our experts for guidance, so we’ve put together some of the biggest questions we get during our days.

In Melbourne, the average cost of a site is a few thousand dollars scaling upwards from there. However, it’s important to understand that there are a variety of factors that dictate this price, including your choice of Melbourne digital marketing agency or web design firm.

Other elements that affect the final price include the size, content, and features included in the web development overall.

If you choose a high-quality, transparent and honest web development company in Melbourne, you’ll notice that their prices aren’t extraordinarily cheap. And they shouldn’t be. This is because ‘cheap web design’ looks exactly that, so investing in a more expensive option typically gives you far better results when finished product is handed to you.

Additionally, the package and cost should include aspects such as:

The web design process in Australia typically includes the following steps:

– Strategy consulting (including understanding if you need comprehensive services like mobile apps, application testing, conversion optimisation and more)

– Wireframes

– The design

– Development (including custom software development, if needed)

– SEO elements

– Maintenance and continuous involvement.

It should also take into consideration whether you need more complex solutions like mobile app development or a completely customised web design for your Melbourne business.

You’ll also have to pay for ongoing maintenance, such as domain name renewal, SSL certificate renewal, new website security, optional search engine optimisation, and any plugins or themes you use if these aren’t already included in the initial cost. At Edge, we will tailor a quote that covers absolutely everything – be it for ecommerce websites or a robust agile scrum methodology. No matter what you need, you will always know the costs involved before any work commences.

While every company that specialises in this will say themselves, we truly believe we are a cut above the rest because we stop to listen and consider all of your requirements. Through a careful briefing process, we get to know what you want out of your platform, allowing us to tailor our website development services in Melbourne entirely around your needs.

Our digital agency has also worked with some of the biggest and most exciting brands in the country, and we enjoy developing new and existing projects too. So, whether you want to push your current web development to the limit or create a brand new digital universe, we are here to help.

Finally, our Melbourne web developers are skilled in creating platforms that are:

  • Mobile-optimised
  • Responsive
  • Attractive and engaging
  • Easy to navigate
  • Melbourne SEO-friendly
  • Versatile
  • Unique.

If you put the time, delivery deadline and energy into action, you can DIY your website development, anything is possible. However, there is a lot at stake and many intricacies involved, which is why we always recommend choosing an expert to do it for you. At Edge in Melbourne, we act as an extension to your team, developing high-quality platforms that put your brand in the best light possible.

Our experienced specialists are also trained in best practices and standards taking hold of the web development world, giving you a finished result you can truly be proud of. Moreover, we’re more than capable of handling any project, no matter its size.

Through our digital solutions, we start by learning about your business goals for your web design, browsing your brand’s stories, and discovering what makes them unique. Then, we draft a custom strategy to help them reach the right audience. This includes understanding all of the assets you maintain and the kind of functionality you need to run your online operations.

Once our digital marketing agency has tweaked your site’s overall plan, we develop a technology-agnostic design and content roadmap and begin the overall web development project.

So what goes into building a website?

A phone call, a tweet, an email, or any other method of getting in touch with our Melbourne digital marketing agency and expressing interest is considered the first step.

From there, the steps will look a little like this:

  1. First meeting: An initial talk regarding desires, prices, timetables, and information finding (either remotely or in person).
  2. Research: Probably the most extensive “phase” of planning, the research comprises a variety of exercises, activities, and entities to determine what makes a client tick, what their values and objectives are, who their audience is (and who they want it to be), where they’ve been — and where they want to go.
  3. Persona development: A website development is built with a certain target demographic in mind, known as personas. The rest of the project is catered to this fictitious user, and personas are the pinnacle of the ideal audience member.
  4. Content inventory: Mapping everything that exists on the present site (if appropriate) and determining what works and what doesn’t, as well as identifying trends and setting the scene in terms of history and ideas.
  5. Site mapping: Our digital agency creates a system of components, modules, and pages into a folder-like structure for your web development.
  6. Wireframing: A visual blueprint for your web design’s functionality, user flows, layouts, and so much more.
  7. Work begins on your web design: Our Melbourne web development team will conduct a number of exercises and activities with customers in order to get a better understanding of their thoughts and aspirations. After this is done, they dive into the actual work, bringing your vision to life.

One of the first queries you’ll no doubt have when thinking about a new platform is, “How long will this take?” The majority of the time, someone looking for a redesign is dealing with a site that hasn’t been updated in at least 3-4 years. In terms of web technology, the improvements over the last three years have been tremendous. This may mean that a significant amount of time is needed to create your project, or perhaps only a limited timeframe – it all depends on the specific project.

Additionally, there are a few things to consider before choosing a Melbourne web development agency that claims to be able to construct your new site faster than the others. What can the timeline tell you about the provider you’ve chosen? What’s the worst that might happen if it takes a bit longer for your new site to launch?

What you can learn from a timeline

At the end of the day, any Melbourne digital agency should be able to give you a clear indication of the timeframe and journey ahead, including the steps involved. If they can’t map this out for you, then that’s a red flag in itself. They should always be able to back up their promises and claims to deliver with hard and fast evidence that the end result is worth the while

Because they don’t have any other customers to worry about, a firm that isn’t overburdened will be able to do your task more swiftly. That sounds fantastic, but it’s worth enquiring as to why they aren’t (or don’t intend to be) busy. When a Melbourne web development agency continually produces high-quality work, it will be more in demand. Keeping this in mind when you’re hunting around for a company will ensure you dodge any risky bullets.

Aside from the busy aspect, a timeline may tell you a few other things. A shorter project cycle might indicate that your web design agency is performing less “thinking work.” This might indicate that your material will be crammed into a “standard” website design. Many distinct team members may each have a little role in your project, enabling the task to be completed faster. Don’t rule out the chance of an incorrect time estimate. Understanding the things that go into your schedule can help you establish realistic expectations.

Prepare to work

It takes a lot of effort to create a new website, and not just for the business you hired. There are certain things that only you have the ability to perform. Gathering information, assessing deliverables, offering comments, and responding to enquiries are all a part of this stage.

We realise that you, like most individuals, are most likely busy. It’s not uncommon for our team to hear that the customer’s portion of the project required much more work than they (the customer) anticipated. We try to make it as easy as possible, but without your input, our Melbourne web development team won’t be able to perform a high-quality job. To launch your project properly, you’ll need to put in the effort and, in certain cases, extend the timeframe to accommodate everything.

What are the worst-case scenarios?

Deadlines may be beneficially provided they allow for a reasonable schedule to begin with, but throwing a finger at the calendar and deciding on the day your new site will launch based on where it lands is not the best technique to set a deadline. You’ve probably been thinking about it for months by the time you’re looking for a business to create your web design. It’s tempting to leap to a deadline from there, but it’s important to consider why you’ve chosen it overall.

We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t have a deadline; in fact, you should. Instead, we recommend that you think about why you’ve set the deadline for the overall web development in the first place. Is that reason significant enough to make you reconsider who you want to work with? What are the worst-case scenarios if you miss your deadline? Missing implies losing money, missing out on a chance, or falling behind the competition. On the other hand, if missing equals a little disappointment but a better product, that’s not such a terrible thing. Remember that just because someone says they can finish your project by your deadline doesn’t mean they will.

So, how long does it take in total?

Over the years, EDGE has developed hundreds of websites. We’ve learned how long it takes to build a quality web development as a result of that experience. From the moment the project begins to the time the finished product is live, most web design tasks take between 12 to 16 weeks. Projects may take 6 months or more when the complexity is greater or the scope is very broad – like an enterprise e-commerce development. A simple e-commerce store, on the other hand, would require much less time to complete.

Is it worth building a website? 

Even though a website isn’t required for your company to run, prospective consumers and stakeholders generally anticipate one, and you’ll effectively lose out on huge business growth if you choose to avoid building one.

A good website establishes your credibility straight away by informing your audience that you’re serious and providing them with further information about your brand. Consumers may not perceive your brand to be authentic if you don’t have an internet presence.

Customers see a company’s website as a valuable resource that can give them with the information they need. While customers may want to hear from their peers about your reliability and quality of work, they want to hear directly from you about your goods and services, pricing structure, store hours, policies, and more. You won’t be able to put everything on your social networking profiles. You may retain well-organised evergreen pages on your website that your customers can simply discover.

Consumers expect to be able to go to a landing page (with a call to action) after they’ve developed an interest in your brand. You provide buyers with a spot to learn more once they’ve seen your internet marketing efforts with this basic web presence. They should be able to simply provide their email address or phone number on the same page.

These same buyers may opt to go to your rivals if you don’t have a web development live and readily available to visit, and you won’t have the statistics to demonstrate how many people discovered you via Google.

Finally, without an online platform – especially when it comes to an ecommerce store – there’s no way for your virtual customer can buy from you without having to physically head out to your location. And that’s a massive opportunity lost.